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Sterling Toilet Reviews 2024

When shopping online, you may of come across the Sterling toilets brand. But who are they and what can they offer your washroom? We have scoured the web and explored various sources to provide our readers with an insight into the various ranges, styles, flush mechanisms, and overall efficiency of their products. By looking at all this criteria, we ranked them up to a percentage of one hundred.

Our ratings

Image Product Flush GPF Bowl Rating? Review
Dual 0.8 / 1.6 Elongated 86% Here
HET 1.28 Elongated 81% Here
Dual 0.8 / 1.6 Elongated 86% Here


402028-0 Karsten

The 402028-0 fits a twelve inch rough. Plus, it's a two piece design which measures 31 inches from the back of the tank the the front of its bowl, and just over fourteen inches from the floor to the rim. The seat may push it up a inch or so, but it's not quite "right height" which tends to be an increasingly common feature consumers are looking for due to its accessibility.

One of its more notable features is arguably the dual force flushing technology. To describe this mechanism in one sentence, it enables the user to choose between two levels of force to handle the two types of waste that pass through the outlet. 0.8 gallons for liquid, which is efficient and less than the 1.28 WaterSense standard. This usually generates enough power for that task, however, for bulk waste, you're going to want higher performance to prevent it from clogging up. That's where the second option of pushing 1.6 gallons of water thropugh the bowl comes in. It's got a two button actuator located on top of its tank which is easy to access and operate.

Finished in a bright white color that's glossed to make washing away bacteria and germs easier, providing a more hygienic environment.

403081-0 Windham

Those of you hunting for something cheaper, may be interested in the 403081-0. It's a lower budget option that's efficient, and contains a decent spec list for the price, which we shall go into in more detail below.

For us, the stand out feature is the efficiency, utilizing just 1.28 GPF. When compared to your average 1.6 gallon units, the savings that can be made are quite significant, twenty percent in some cases, all the while meeting the Environmental Protection Agencies conservation criteria. Over the lifetime of the toilet, you can expect to make significant savings on water bills too.

The flushing mechanism used in conjunction with the water is known as Pro Force technology. Which is a siphonic style.

The bowl is elongated, but has a key difference in this respect compared to it's competitors. The rim is extended further for a more comfortable seated position.

Overall, this could work well if you're not looking to break the bank.

402088-0 Rockton

The 402088-0 is another unit operating on dual flushing technology. A lower flow flush (0.8 GPF), and a heavier one (1.6 GPF), could potentially help you save up to twenty four thousand gallons of water a year in a household of four people.

Externally, the tank is a fair amnount slimmer than some, giving it a low profile look. The bowl is elongated which has a rim extension which has an important role to play in keeping users comfortable.

It includes a limited five year warranty, and could be a option for budgets suited to mid range price points. However, compared to some big names on the market, there isn't a whole lot of buzz surrounding it in the form of consumer feedback.

Comparison table

402028-0 Karsten 403081-0 Windham 402088-0 Rockton
Flush Dual HET Dual
GPF 0.8 / 1.6 1.28 0.8 / 1.6
Bowl Elongated Elongated Elongated
Comfort height
Color White White White
Dimensions 31 x 15 x 29.2" 29.2 x 15 x 29.5" 31 x 15 x 31.9"
Weight 81 lbs 83.7 lbs 79 lbs
Rating 86% 81% 86%

About the brand

Sterling are a company of KOHLER, who are well known in this industry, and produce plenty of high quality bathroom goods and flushing toilets. This sub brand also produce a number of fixtures and hardware relating to toilets, showers, and other plumbing fittings.

They were founded in 1907 and were acquired by KOHLER in 1984. So plenty of years experience to build up the reputation they enjoy today.


Numerous ranges will offer differences in design and functionality. Some of the most popular options include Rockton, Karsten, Windham, Riverton, and Stinson. There is plenty of variety in terms of bowl and tank shape, flushing type and efficiency. A broader range of choice gives consumers a better chance of finding a good fit for their needs.

Considerations before you buy

Dimensions - Think about what the maximum amount of space you'll have available. There is no point going for something large and not suitable for average sized or compact washrooms.

Bowl height - Do you think someone in the household will require a taller toilet, that fits ADA criteria, or will you be happy with standard height? The difference between them is a couple of inches, but it can make a significant difference if you're looking to be more comfortable whilst seated.

Rough in - It's not as simple as finding a unit that meets your preferences. While that may play a part, you should also ensure you know what your rough in size is. You can use our simple guide for that. The average home is going to need a 12 inch size, but there are cases, especially with older plumbing installations, that need a 14 or 10 inch unit.

Budget - Compared to some of its competition they offer some affordable options for those working with a tight budget. Just remember that if you're looking for cheaper, you can usually expect a downgrade in flush performance. However, if you're happy to spend a bit more, we recommend not going over five hundred bucks as that tends to be enough for a option with power, efficiency, and durability.

Color - A bit of planning goes a long way in helping you find a solid color theme where the tiles, faucets, loo, and paint, all work together well and compliment each other. White or colors on that end of the brightness spectrum are sensible options.

Feedback from consumers - Take into account what the customers thoughts are. With first hand experience of using the product, they can help you understand the positives and negatives before you make a mistake and part with your cash.

Wrapping up

The Sterling toilet buying guide will hopefully help you on the path towards finding a model that operates how you want it to. There is a great amount of choice in the market in terms of water usage, comfort, price, and power.

If you're interested in gaining more knowledge before you take the plunge, why not check out what questions consumers have been frequently asking, or alternatively, read up on the terms used.