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The Best soft close toilet seats of 2024

Quiet close toilet seats are perfect for people looking to minimize the amount of noise and damage to your bowl from it slamming shut. What you choose for your own bathroom will depend a number of factors which we will outline below.

They are fast becoming a popular choise for consumers, and we want to help you pick one that fits your needs by conducting several hours of research into individual specifications, price, brand, and feedback from around the web.

You can also make use of our toilet buying guide to find a suitable upgrade in addition to your seat.

Top rated products

Image Product Shape Material Rating? Review
Elongated Plastic 88% Here
Elongated Plastic 88% Here
Elongated Molded Wood 87% Here


KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet

The great thing about the K-4636-0, aside from the obvious quiet close fittings, is that it fits most one piece and two piece loos, as long as it comes with an elongated bowl.

Made from a reputable brand, this product can be beneficial to the user in several ways. The first being it has a quick release feature that will enable people to remove it quickly for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Secondly, it's made from solid polypropylene which is durable and will work well alongside the tigh grip bumpers to keep it firmly in place whilst in use.

We believe it's reasonably priced considering the manufacturer and versatile nature in terms of what it fits. Certainly worth looking into further if you have an elongated style bowl.

American Standard 5325.010.020 Champion

The 5325.010.020 from the Champion range of AS comes equipped with a lid. It's made from a plastic material which is finished in a white color, whilst keeping to a modern style.

It's built to fit the majority of elongated shaped bowls, which makes it a sensible option as a replacement or uograde.

Additionally, it comes with the ability to be lifted off easily to clean those otherwise difficuklt to get to areas of bacteria and mold.

This is a product which has to date received plenty of positive feedback from customers online, which is part of our reasoning as to why it makes our list.

Mayfair 148SLOWA

Once again, this follows the brighter colored trend, in white, which often fits in well with the majority of modernistic bathroom themes. The material used however, moves aways from the more common plastic, and is molded wood. This is a bit heavier, but durable nonetheless.

It has a glossy finish which helps protect it against day to day wear and tear, and makes it simple to wash.

And, if you've ever had problems where the seating comes loose in the past, it comes with a STA-TITE system that is designed to keep it firmly in place and minimize movement.

Comparison table

KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet American Standard 5325.010.020 Champion Mayfair 148SLOWA
Shape Elongated Elongated Elongated
Material Plastic Plastic Molded wood
Color White White White
Dimensions 14.2 x 18.6" 19.5 x 15 x 2.5" 18.9 x 14.1 x 2.6"
Weight 5 lbs 5.1 lbs 7.1 lbs
Rating 88% 88% 87%


Compared with standard products, there are several advantages to be found that make them a decent investment. You can find out more about a few of them below.

Noise reduction - A common thread for buyers tends to surround the amount of noise a slamming seat can cause, especially in a family household in the middle of the night. No one wants to be woken up in such a manner. The hinges will prevent this from happening.

Damage prevention - By reducing the power at which the seat/lid is closing at, it will play a important role in limiting damage to the bowl, and ensuring you have more durable bathroom fixtures.

Easy to clean - Many of the modern options come with easy release technology to make its removal simple. In doing so, making light work of any cleaning tasks and providing a solution for a more hygienic environment.

Versatile - Several of the leading products on the market are quite versatile in how they fit peoples toilets. For example, there are plenty being sold which can fit both one and two piece designs, as long as they comes equipped with an elongated shaped bowl.

Considerations before you buy

Brand name - The company which you choose can be a massive factor in the quality of your product. There are plenty of notable names in this industry, but some of the big ones that stand out and recommend you stick with include Mayfair, KOHLER, TOTO, American Standard, Bemis, Delta Faucet, and Allmax.

Budget range - Not everyone is going to be working with the same amount of money. The good news is the majority of the options available fall into the under fifty dollars category. So you're not going to have to dig deep to get your hands on them. This can be effected on various things such as manufacturer, and the inclusion of a lid.

Lid - Do you require a lid or not? Make sure you look into whether or not the lid is included with the package before you buy.

Size - Whilst some options do fit many, you may wish to do your due dilligence in ensuring that it will fit your current installation. To do this is really quite simple. You will need to measure between the two holes for the hinges at the back of your bowl. When manufacturers refer to products fitting a standard length, they are referring to a rough measurement of around the five and a half inch mark.

Wrapping up

For a more relaxing environment is the home, with less loud bangs, slow close seats could be ideal for your needs. Stick with our advice given in our guide above, and you will be on the right track when shopping. Be sure to keep an eye on sonsumer feedback too, as they can provide excellent insight into the overall quality.