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Ove Toilet Reviews 2024 (Buying Guide & Ratings)

Ove Decors are a company that produce a number of different plumbing fixtures. This includes toilets, showers, faucets, and bathtubs. Their toilets include collections such as Buxton, Beverly, and Newport. Each offer a wide range of flushing mechanisms, shapes, and designs. We hand pick a few of our favorites in this buyers guide, helping consumers get a better understanding of each products capabilities and whether or not it will meet the demands of your household.

Our ratings

Image Product GPF Rating?
1.1 / 1.6 83%
1.6 83%



The Beverly design is two piece, which has advantages over one piece models. They can often be less expensive and are generally easier to move from package to bathroom since you will be carrying the bowl and tank separately. You can learn more about the differences between one and two piece here.

The bowl is elongated and is also equipped with a quiet closing seat. You can learn more about the advantages of a elongated bowl here. This seat has a quick release feature too, making you life easier when it comes to cleaning. The great thing about these two coming together is that there is less research involved in finding a seat that's compatible, and fewer hidden costs involved in accessories.

It's also ADA compliant. By adding a few inches in height on top of the standard size bowls, you remove a lot of the added stress on the joints when sitting and standing up. This can improve user comfort on the toilet markedly. If you have tall family members, this design feature will be appreciated.

Aesthetics are important, and the unique shape and style offered by this model scores it plenty of points in this department. The trapway is concealed all the way around too, which gives it a cleaner, contemporary style. Hiding the pipes does a lot for the theme.

The dual flush mechanism helps consumers save water. The great thing about this, and one of the main reasons why it's growing in popularity is you can pick between a strong or weak flush depending on the type of waste you're dealing with. This unit uses a highly efficient 1.1 GPF for liquids, and 1.6 GPF for solids. Learn more about the advantages of dual flush here.


The Lena is a smart toilet with a simple, sleek design that appears modern and aesthetically pleasing. While it appears to have some amazing specifications, we don't recommended this for people with a smaller budget as the innovations have driven the prices up compared to your standard products. However, if this isn't an issue, let's take a look at what's built in below.

The great thing about these intelligent designs is they give you a lot more control over your bathroom visit. A heated seat, which is one such example, will undoubtedly sound terrific for those in colder climates, or for winter months.

Users will also appreciate the built in bidet system which washes the front and back and has temperature and spray function control too. What's more, when you've finished doing your business, you also have a drying function. This takes away the necessity of paper, and in our view is far more hygienic too.

We've covered touchless mechanisms here. Similar to this, the Lena is equipped with the ability to choose both automatic flushing and manual. The flush itself utilizes 1.6 gallons, and has an impressive 800 grams performance rating on the MaP scale.

Comparison table

Beverly Lena
Flush Dual Single
GPF 1.1 / 1.6 1.6
Bowl Elongated Elongated
Comfort height
Color White White
Dimensions 15.6 x 27.9 x 32" 16.6 x 27.2 x 20.9"
Weight 108 lbs 94.8 lbs
Rating 83% 83%

About the brand

Ove Decors are not just limited to sanitary ware, but also lighting, and outdoor furniture. Looking at their website, they are a family run business that was founded in 2004. Their focus seems to be on providing high quality home products for homeowners that are affordable. Something that stood out for us, is that they also produce smart toilets, which include unique functions to clean up more effectively after each visit, and convenient extras such as night lights.

Considerations before you buy

Bathroom size - Your bathroom shape, layout, and size, will ultimately determine what style you get. If you don't have a lot of space free, we recommend looking at ways to counter this, either making use of the space in the corner, or having the illsuion of more floor space through the use of a hanging toilet. Both can work well in compact washrooms.

Special requirements - Lets face it, not everyone has the same requirements or abilities when it comes to mobility. This can mean that sitting and standing is difficult to many. By upgrading to a toilet with a taller bowl, you ease some of this difficulty. These bowl types are known as comfort height and are built to ensure the Americans with disabilities act is met. But what does this mean in terms of measurements? Typically a standard size will be around 15-16 inches in height to the seat. A comfort height model will add a couple of inches to that, meaning they are between 17 and 19 inches in height. If you want more information on this, we have a full guide here.

Water usage - If you haven't upgraded your toilet in a decade or more, you may have a model that uses far too much water than necessary. Modern innovations allow consumers to handle heavy amounts of waste with much less water. You have two main options, The first, is to go with a 1.6 GPF product. Which is certainly a lot better than old 3.5 gallon units. The second is to go with a Watersense option, which utilize just 1.28 GPF. Over the course of the year, this will help your household save thousands of gallons.

Protection of the ceramic - Most manufacturers will have a type of gloss or glazing coated on top of the china. This has two main purposes. The first is to help protect the surface from wear and tear, scratches can and do happen. The second is to help the flushing mechanism wash out the bowl more effectively, as less tends to stick to the surface. Both will help with improving the overall longevity of the product.

Dual or single flush? - Sometimes you'll come across two differing flush styles. Both can work well in different scenarios. We tend to lean towards toilets with a dual flush because they give consumers the ability to save more water through two different flushing powers. If you only use light flushes for liquid waste throughout the year, you stand to save similar amounts of water as low flow models.

Consumer feedback - Lets say you've got your eye on one particular toilet. You hearts set on getting it for your bathroom. How do you find out about the reliability before you part with your money? We believe the best way to do this is reading through consumer reports online. Look at the ratings it's receiving and analyze the comments for common complaints. If the majority of feedback is positive, that's a great start.

Other brands - It's easy to remain focused on one particular brand. However, it's important to remember to look at other options available to you. Comparing specific models side by side across manufacturers is a smart move, and one that may save you headaches in the long run. Some other names we recommend looking at include Toto, Gerber, Kohler, American Standard, Swiss Madison, and Icera.

Wrapping up

Ove toilets offer inexpensive bathroom hardware that looks great and has the ability to handle the busy day to day usage of a typical family household. If external design and aesthetics are important to you, you'll find a number of units that fit the bill. As always, we recommend readers ensure they do their due dilligence as a little bit of time spent researching now can save you a lot of trouble later on.

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