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Best Composting toilet Systems of 2024

After many hours of research, we aim to help readers find the top compost toilets on the market. We've spent time sorting through different models, brands, and types, be it dry, for RV's, self contained, or portable to come up with a list of hand picked products we feel excel in different scenarios.

We'll also be providing you with a list of things to consider before you buy, as well as highlighting the potential advantages of owning one.

Our ratings

Image Product Type Rating? Review
SC 88% Here
WL 87% Here


A closer look at the features and specifications of dry toilets can be found below. By understanding the individual qualities of each, you shall be able to make choice that better fits your criteria.

Nature's Head NH-SPH

The NH-SPH is an effective piece of hardware to use on your travels for numerous reasons. We look briefly at the specs below to see if it's right for you.

Comfort plays a big part in picking a suitable unit for me. And this has an elongated shape bowl, which is something that isn't always guarenteed. There are plenty of block shaped options that work well functionality wise, but forget about user experience. An elongated bowl affords you a more natural seated position.

Waste disposal is very simple, and is able to be dissassembled within minutes, ready to move on. What's more smells associated with many other kinds won't be as apprent here, with a low volume air circulation built into the system.

Noted as being highly durable by the manufacturer, and feedback is for the most part positive, which is always a plus. However, you should be aware that this is quite an expensive model.

Sun-Mar CSEM-01400WB

The CSEM-01400WB doesn't use any water. So this is something that could be a great option for people looking to do their part for the environment.

Externally, this isn't something that will be taking up much space. It's compact and has dimensions of 33 x 21 1/2 x 28 1/2 (Length by width by height). In addition to this, it's finished in a white color and has quite a contemporary feel to it in our opinion.

It contains an emergency drain, alongside a venting kit, and is marketed as being non polluting.

If you read feedback on this item, you get more of a mixed bag. But for its purpose, this is a decent alternative option.

Comparison table

Nature's Head NH-SPH Sun-Mar CSEM-01400WB
Type Self contained Waterless
Color Granite White
Dimensions 22 x 20.5 x 21.7" 33 x 21 1/2 x 28 1/2"
Weight 28 lbs 14.8 lbs
Rating 88% 87%

What is a Bio toilet?

They are a type of ECO toilet which are generally used because they use little to no water. There are several different types ranging for ones designed for RV's through to portable options for camping.

They remove the need of sewer or septic systems, and can effectively be used in locations around the globe where there isn't a large water supply readily available. Some come with their own natural filtration materials. Common ones include sawdust and peat moss. This is used to keep smells down. They have many helpful uses which we go into in more detail below.

Advantages of using a composite toilet

If you've ever read our toilet comparisons page, you'll notice that they tend to use large quantities of water. Even ones labelled as low flow still use thousands of gallons per year. A dry unit will save you money and be far more economically friendly. So, what other ways can they be beneficial to you?

Economical - No need to rent out a villa to enjoy your vacation. A tent and this loo will do the job just as well. Or, alternatively, get one installed in your home and save money on monthly water bills.

Environmental - The less water consumed, the better it is for the environment. As many of these are dry, they will play a role in conservation.

Reduced odors - Despite many thinking otherwise, there are plenty of options that are well sealed and can reduce odors effectively.

Convenient - Lets face it, you can't take your whole washroom on holiday with you. Thats why there is convenience in using off grid toilets for such a purpose. They are moved around fairly easily, and installed or placed in different locations.


In comparison to standard units, chemical toilets require more maintenance and cleaning work. To maintain a hygienic environment, be it outdoors or in a recreational vehicle, one will have to empty them and scrub them every so often to eliminate odors and the build up of bacteria.

Considerations before you buy

Size - Peoples sizing requirements will almost certainly vary because of the different scenarios in which they are used. For someone who is going to the great outdoors, pitching up a tent, it may not matter so much. However, if the aim is to place it in a recreational vehicle, it will. So be sure that you understand what the product dimensions are and whether or not you have enough space to install it.

Type - Think about the type of green toilet you're going to need. Is it something that will need to be portable and highly mobile for use on the go? Does it need to be self contained and dry? There are options for everything from biodegradable, to solar, electric, and flushless. Ensure you understand what you require before you go shopping.

Budget - As always, we recommend that users set themselves a budget limit. It's very easy to over spend. The price ranges differ quite a bit and are highly dependent on the style of product you choose. Some are basic with bag designs that are easy to set up and cost less than one hundred bucks, whilst others are more advanced with clever innovations and designs to help dispose of waste. These cacn be quite expensive and even be found at one thousand dollars plus. So there is a wide range of price points to work with.

Consumer reviews - Reading through customer feedback is a sensible thing to do. Uusally online shops have plenty of these from real users of the product. Be sure to check out the unsatisfied comments as well as the best. That way you get a fuller understanding of any flaws and areas where it stands out among its competitors.

Wrapping up

Composting toilets are a environmentally friendly option. There are plenty of benefits of using one over your standard flushing units. As demonstrated in the guide above, we show that these can be a flexible alternative, and the products that we picked are among what we believe to be the top rated options. But, don't just blindly follow our advice, a lot of extra information can be gathered by reading through consumer feedback online. This is something I challenge you to do because peoples own experiences can really help weed out the good from the bad.

Feeling a bit lost with all the jargon? Use our glossary. Got a question you need answered? Check our FAQ page.