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Best Touchless Toilet Reviews 2024

Hygiene standards in the bathroom are always something worth improving on it there is room for it. I believe having a good touchless toilet can help in the fight against spreading germs and bacteria around the house, as you don't need to come into contact with a trip lever. What these units do instead is provide sensors on the tank which people can wave their hand over. This will then automatically activate the flush mechanism. A cleaner, modern way to use the loo.

Our toilet reviews are designed to show readers how they can benefit by upgrading to a newer unit, with better technology and performance. We list out some well known brand names below and highlight the positives and negatives of products they offer.

Our ratings

Image Product Rating


KOHLER K-8687-0 San Souci

I've talked about the quality of the KOHLER brand before, and that tends to hold true with the K-8687-0. It includes a sensor within the tank, which will be located on top of its lid. However, be aware that these are powered by AA batteries, so keep in mind you'll need to restock them every so often.

Its not particularly large either, with a footprint of 27.5 by 16.4 by 25.3 inches, despite it having an elongated shaped bowl.

Once it senses and activates its flush system, its AquaPiston tech will push 1.28 gallons through which is economically friendly, and helps clean the bowl of bacterial build up.

Externally, its a nice bright color, equipped with a one piece design, and is reasonably low profile. It's of a comfort height size, and the seat comes included.

However, if you've not got a lot of cash to work with, this isn't going to be the smartest investment. But in terms of quality, this is one worth keeping your eye on.

American Standard 2794119.020 Studio

As a brand, American Standard are up there as some of the best. The 2794119.020 is relatively unknown judging from our consumer research online. However, going on what we know so far, this is a two piece design from the Studio activate hands free range. Thanks to a combination of a concealed trapway and smooth edges, I think it looks great, with quite a contemporary theme.

Additionally, its water conservation is within the Environmental Protection Agencies WaterSense criteria, using just 1.28 gallons of water, which the manufacturer says can grant you savings of up to twenty percent. It's quite a significant percentage when you add it all up over three years or so.

The flush mechanism is activated via sensors, and like its competition, will flush by simply waving your hand over it, and is located at the side rather than the top, which tends to be more common. However, by doing so, they free up space to store things on the lid, which can come in handy.

It's also equipped with a three inch valve which will help reduce the chances of the toilet getting clogged up.

The design is quite pleasing on the eye. It's bright, simple, and perhaps has the smart comfort combination of a right height, elongated bowl. What's more the inclusion of a soft close seat that is easy to clean and detach.

KOHLER K-6419-0 Cimarron

Number three on our list is the K-6419-0 from the Cimarron range. Once more, it utilizes an electromagnetic field for the waste disposal process. However unlike the Studio model above, the sensor is located on top of its lid, not ideal for people who prefer using such a space for storage or decoration.

So what do you get as part of the package? Focusing on the main external specs, this is a two piece unit, with a taller than a standard height bowl. It's finished in white, and unlike several of its competitors, it comes with a round front bowl, which are great for saving space in smaller bathrooms.

It shares some similarities in the flush of our other choices however. First of all, 1.28 gallons usage categorizes it as a highly efficient toilet. Secondly, it has built in AquaPiston technology which puts water through the bowl from every angle, for cleaner, more powerful, bulk waste removal.

It comes from a respected brand name in this industry, and has plenty of modern inclusions within the specifications. For buyers wanting a lower to mid tier price point product, this could be ideal.

Comparison table

KOHLER K-8687-0 American Standard 2794119.020 KOHLER K-6419-0
Type One piece Two piece Two piece
GPF 1.28 1.28 1.28
Bowl Elongated Elongated Round
Comfort height
Color White White White
Dimensions 27.5 x 16.4 x 25.3" 30.2 x 15.8 x 30.8" 27.2 x 17.6 x 30.5"
Weight 94 lbs 109.4 lbs 75 lbs
Rating 87% 87% 86%

How do hands free toilet flush mechanisms work?

Whilst it may seem quite advanced, the technology behind the flushing mechanism has been around for quite some time. It's only more recently that these models are beginning to gain some traction in this industry.

In a nutshell, they work by utilizing sensors that are usually located at the top of the tank. When a person floats there hands above this sensor, it alerts the flush system to send water through the bowl to clear it of waste. Well what about if the sensor fails one day? I hear you on that. That would be a problem if there wasn't an overiding way to flush. And in most cases there is, just by lifting the tank lid and doing it manually.

Essentially, these are designed to limit the amount of user contact on trip levers which reduces the build up of bacteria, and creates a much cleaner and inviting environment.

Most product ranges we've looked at whilst researching require people to pass their hand over the sensors at around two to three inches. That is because this is the rough range of the electromagnetic fields.

What are the benefits of using them?

Making improvements to your washroom, be it through interior design or upgrading technologically, can be advantageous for developing and bettering your standard of living. But what are the advantages of using a touchless flush?

Hygienic - Without stating the obvious too much, if you're not physically pressing any kind of button or trip lever, there is less chance of germs from spreading.

Convenient - Quick, no hassle way to dispose of waste through the loo. Simply get up, wave your hand past the sensory field and off you go. So user friendly almost anyone can use it.

Modern - The world has got itself in a hurry as far as technology is concerned. Keeping with the times is important, and installing one of these is a step in the right direction.

Considerations before you buy

Regardless of style, exterior, power, and price, there are always a set of rules or criteria potential buyers should be following that will help you avoid the common mistakes consumers make whilst shopping. We outline several of the main thing to watch out for below.

Rough in - Be sure to get a measuring tape out or look at your current toilets user manual to find out what size your rough in is. Sending items back when they don't fit the waste outlet can be annoying.

Efficiency - Water efficiency is another important factor you should be looking out for. As a rule, standard gallon usage is considered to be around the 1.6 gallons mark. Models considered to be a higher level of efficiency typically comes with a water usage of 1.28 Gallons or less. There is no harm in choosing either, but if you're concerned about things like water bills, the efficient ones should be the ones you go for.

Waste outlet - There are two main types of outlets, the first and most common being through the floor and the other being back outlets. Which one you pick depends on your current plumbing set up.

Budget - We recommend only going for a no touch toilet if you have a medium to upper budger range. You'll come across many that are $500 or more, with very few available going lower than that price point.

Bowl height - If you're going to go for convenience, why not go for comfort as well? There are several models on the market that come with what is known as comfort, or right height toilet. These are taller than your average loo, and are easier to sit on thanks to being of a similar height to chairs.

Kit or full unit - Getting a brand new unit with a sensor toilet flush specifically built with this technology is great, and arguably the sensible way forward. But, there are kits you can buy to install it on your current set up, reducing the costs overall. However, more headaches and obstacles may need to be overcome by going down this route as there isn't a one product fits all solution, especially with the amount of variety out there. What's more, in many cases, it won't fit many dual flush or pressure assisted systems.

Wrapping up

If you or someone in the household is a bit of a germaphobe, consider choosing one of our top rated touchless flush toilets. The ability to flush automatically without actually having to do anything other than passing your hand through the sensor is fantastic. I believe it adds a modernistic feel to the bathroom, and perhaps the best part is that there are plenty of options available that are well designed and aesthetically pleasing.