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Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews 2024 (Guide & Ratings)

If aesthetics alone were an effective way to rate toilets, Swiss Madison would be up there with the best. One of the first things we noticed in our research is the minimalistic themes on offer. One piece designs with skirted bowls that hide the trapway appear to be a specialty, and they would be a great way to add a unique touch to your bathroom.

We look at some of their leading products below, digging a bit deeper into the spec list to learn more about their capabilities and functions.

Our picks

Image Product GPF Rating
0.8 / 1.28 85%
0.8 / 1.28 83%


SM-1T112 Ivy

The SM-1T112 has a number of positive features that enable it to stand out from several of its main competitors. One of these things is its dual flushing mechanism. This gives users a choice of water power depending on the waste.

But it doesn't stop there. Many dual flush systems operate on 1.0/1.6 GPF, making sure the average meets WaterSense standards. However, this model differentiates itself by giving people both a heavy and light flush that meets EPA guidelines (0.8 / 1.28 GPF). This is very eco friendly.

It's a beautiful one piece design, with a simple tank and bowl combo that hides the trapway for a cleaner, modern look.

The bowl is elongated, and it is a comfort toilet, also known as right height. A term coined for units that have an additional couple of inches to their design. This spec was made available for accessibility purposes for the most part, but it has caught on as an altenative to standard sized bowls.

The seat is soft closing, which is an advantage in keeping slams to a minimum. It also should be remembered that not all brands include the seat, which ends up being another expense.

Overall, this model is economical, looks great, and tries to be inclusive too thanks to its ADA compliancy. We believe this is one to watch.

SM-1T106 Concorde

As another two flush model, the SM-1T106 has similar advantages as the Ivy where the flush mechanism and water usage is concerned. Consumers will be able to pick between a low power (0.8 gpf), of a stronger power (1.28 gpf). Keep in mind these are both low flow, but the ability to use different amounts of water enables people to save more between dealing with both liquid and solid waste.

Made from porcelain, this models bowl shares many similarities with others from this brand, with slight tweaks in the design and theme. For example, this unit has a square bowl, which scores points in our book from a purely visual point of view, but in terms of comfort, elongated bowls have the edge in our opinion.

It also comes with a slow close seat which has a quick release feature. This will ensure its removal needn't be difficult, and will speed up the cleaning and maintenance process.

Feedback found around the web about it is mostly positive to date, the main complaint we've seen is related to the seat being uncomfortable. Which is more down to the shape of the bowl than anything.

However, there are still plenty of positives from what we've gathered, and this could be a solid option for your bathroom.

Comparison table

SM-1T112 Ivy SM-1T106 Concorde
Flush Dual Dual
GPF 0.8 / 1.28 0.8 / 1.28
Bowl Elongated Square
Comfort height
Color White White
Dimensions 26 x 14 x 29" 27 x 14.3 x 29.5"
Weight 90 lbs 89 lbs
Rating 85% 83%

Considerations before you buy

Rough in - Rough in sizes vary depending on the bathroom layout and plumbing system in place. The most common size is twelve inches, but you will still need to measure before you begin shopping as you may require something that fits a 10 inch rough.

Activation - Buttons and trip levers have been the go to way to flush toilets for generations. But what about new, up and coming innovations like hands free flushing systems? It is certainly more hygienic thanks to operating on sensors and not requiring the user to touch the surface.

Water conservation - The Environmental Protection Agency offers guidance with regard to what is considered a eco friendly toilet. Breaking it down into simpler terms, it can only be seen as efficient by their rules if it consumes 1.28 gallons or below. If it meets this criteria, that unit will be able to stick the WaterSense label on it. The main benefits of saving the extra water is reduced household water bills. However, you shall also be doing your bit for the environment too. Far too many homes are wasteful in this day and age.

Water spot - The size of a water spot has a direct impact on how well it is able to keep smells down. Just be careful going with something too wide a surface area, it can effect the powr of its flush negatively.

Other manufacturers - You may well have your eyes set on a particular brand. But there is plenty of competition out there that may be worth a second look too. TOTO are excellent, Kohler is popular, and American Standard are worth a shout too.

Size - Think about your washrooms size. Are you going to need short depth toilets, or is there enough space for almost any style? Don't leave it too late to find out. This should be one of the earliest things you do in your research. Think about the maximum dimensions your bathroom can handle without it feeling cramped.

Consumer reports - Try to keep track of as many of the positive and negative comments as you can. Us ecommerce shops to your advantage in this regard. If the overall sentiment is negative, it may be wise to avoid that particular product. Consumer feedback can sometimes be a great way to find flaws in toilets.

Wrapping up

Swiss Madison toilets are beautifully crafted for the most part. They also contain many of the required features we look for in a reliable residential bathroom. Whilst we took time to look at a few of their products above, it's important that you don't rush your decision and ensure you understand the smaller details within this guide. The quickest way to buyers remorse is to jump quickly to a decision.

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