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Best Upflush Toilet Reviews 2024 (Macerating)

Many people are turning to upflush toilets to give them more choice in where they put a bathroom in a household. These are a specific type of loo equipped with a macerator pump designed to push waste out at the rear and then upwards.

We have conducted a bit of research on several of the highest rated toilets below to provide readers with an insight into what to expect from each. We aim to help you decide whether or not it will be a good match for your requirements. We also analyze numerous features in the spec including the brand, bowl, pump, price, as well as what consumers have been saying about them.

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Upflush toilet reviews

Saniflo SaniPLUS

The SaniPlus has the ability to operate at depths of up to fifteen feet below the sewer line and up to one hundred and fifty feet away from the soil stack, which gives a decent amount of flexibility in where you fit your toilet.

The manufacturer notes that this model can be quiet in its operation, as well as reasonably simple to install with a bit of know how.

Once the flush has been activated using the trip lever on the tank, water will flow as usual to clear the bowl of waste, but at the same time it will trips a microswitch in its pump which will start the motors process of shredding the waste into a finer liquid for easier transportation through the narrower pipes.

To give readers a rough idea of range you'll be working with, you get around twelve feet vertically, and well over one hundred horizontally. With this reach, you can also use it in conjunction with sinks or even bath tubs.

It's a little on the expensive side, but when you think about how much you save on any building work involved in putting together a new toilet, it does make sense financially.

Thetford Bathroom Anywhere

A discharge system is fitted to the rear of this model from Thetford. As to is the pumping mechanism. This could be a great option for multiple puposes. For example, this could work well in many room conversions, such as in a loft, garage, or elsewhere in the household where you don't want to tear up the flooring.

As this is sold as a kit, you get numerous products included within the package. Aside from the toilet itself, you are presented with a macerator that allows both bath and sink connections for the foundations of a modern bathroom.

The bowl is what many manufacturers refer to as right height, which is essentially ADA compliant and taller than standard bowls. Which has its advantages, and could be a great addition for homes with elderly or infirm residents.

The seat lid has a slow close feature that prevents it from slamming shut, and the bowl is finished in white with a touch of chrome on the trip lever.

Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW

Coming in third place on our list, is the ASCENTII-ESW. This is a model that markets itself on Razor Cut technology within the macerator which churns, shreds, and cuts solid waste like tissue more effectively.

Perhaps one of the immediate things that stood out was the inclusion of a seat. Something that, if you've been shopping around, you'll notice many top brands use it as an additional expense.

It washes out the bowl with 1.28 gallons of water with each flush, categorizing itself as a high efficiency toilet. In many ways you get the best of both worlds. One you save money on water bills throughout the year, and two, you do your part in conservation for the environment.

It runs on a wattage of 920 and 115 volts. Its operation will require batteries to be used, which does come as part of the kit. From what we've read from the manufacturer, these will give lasting power up to three and a half hours.

Price wise, it's in line with much of its competition, but at the same time, the consumer feedback tends to be more positive than several units I've researched into.

Comparison table

Saniflo SaniPLUS Thetford Bathroom Anywhere Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW
Type Two piece Two piece Two piece
Flush UF UF UF
GPF 1.6 1.6 1.28
Bowl Round Elongated Elongated
Comfort height
Color White White White
Weight 99.7 lbs 127 lbs 125 lbs
Rating 88% 86% 86%

How do they work?

Upon purchasing one, you'll notice several differences in how they work. As note, the major difference is the design of the discharge mechanism, which includes a pump system that has a built in blade designed to shred and liquify any solid waste that will make it far easier to travel upwards through the smaller pipe lines.

Benefits of upflow toilets

Affordable - The great thing about these products is that compared to hiring builders to come out for weeks on end to break into the concrete, walls, and flooring, they will allow you to install one whilst working with a considerably smaller budget. This is all down to it needing less changes to the house structure.

Mobility - There comes a stage in every DIY enthusiasts life that they feel they have positioned something incorrectly, or when household circumstances change, so does the bathroom. Many toilets with pumps allow you to do so thanks to them being reasonably compact, and many units leave a minimal footprint behind. For example several products from SaniFLO shall only leave four holes. Easy to cover up when the time comes.

Flexible - Because they solve the problem of installing a loo below gravity drain pipe lines, consumers get plenty more choice of the location in which you get it fitted.

Less time consuming - Some plumbing tasks can take a long time to complete. These are an option for people wanting to install a loo quickly without the need of ongoing building work disrupting your day. They are also potentially a good option for temporary fittings. What's more, because several units are sealed, maintenance work is reduced.

Considerations before you buy

Ideally, you'll want a basement toilet system that comes together in one package. Buying pieces separately can get confusing fast, and can be frustrating when you find parts don't match or fit. Luckily, there is many kits sold on the market that come equipped with the macerating pump, the bowl, tank, and extension pipes.

Alongside fiding the right equipment, you're also going to need to consider the distance from the drain lines. Getting a rough idea of that distance may require profesional help if you're new to plumbing.

Keep tabs on what style bowl is on offer. It does make a difference. It's a classic example of comfort vs space saved. Round front offering more space, and elongated being a sensible choice for those wanting more comfortable solution. One thing that ties in with this, is the bowl height. You're likely to find several units that are taller than average to meet ADA rules, that are made to feel more like the height of a chair. But at the same time, several models will come with a more standard height. This will ultimately come down to user preference.

You'll need to decide whether or not you want the macerator behind the wall. Many people aren't too fussed when it comes to this kind of thing, but in terms of the effect on the overall aestetics of a bathroom, or what your current plumbing set up looks like, it can matter. However, there tends to be an additional expense associated with such a requirement which comes through the form of an extension pipe.

Further thought should be given to the color, finish and shape of its exterior. How it looks can effect the rooms feeling as a whole. We recommend using brighter colors such as white and cotton.

It's also a smart decision to go with tried and tested brands such as SaniFLO, and Thetford. A good way of filtering the good from the bad is by reading into the customer feedback found on online shops. They can give you an important insight into what to expect from a specific model from first hand experience.

Wrapping up

The aim of the macerating toilet reviews and the buying guide above is to help consumers fully understand what it is that they are buying and if it's suitable for their needs. By following the instructions and information above, you drastically increase your chances of getting a good fit for your needs.

However, if you're confused about anything covered in this topic, you can always get in touch with us or read up on the commonly asked questions and terminology.