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Duravit Toilet Reviews 2024

After spending many hours searching, comparing, and analyzing products on the web, we've come up with a list of what we believe to be the best Duravit toilets. We come to this conclusion by utilizing our unique rating system which factors in a number of performance and design based criteria to give them a mark out of one hundred.

The most essential evidence we use for this includes looking at flush power and mechanism, bowl style, how many gallons of water they consume, and what customers are saying about them. All of these things point towards whether or not there is quality to be found.

Our top picks

Image Product Flush GPF Bowl Rating? Review
HET 1.28 Elongated 85% Here
Dual 0.92 / 1.32 Elongated 85% Here
HET 1.28 Elongated 84% Here
Dual 0.92 / 1.32 Elongated 83% Here


2120010001 Starck 3

This is a one piece lavatory from the Starck 3 collection which are designed by a man called Philippe Starck. It's one piece with an elongated shape bowl for comfort and will fit a 12 inch rough in.

It's a high efficiency, single flush option which uses just 1.28 gallons and will certainly help with water conservation. Additionally it meets the standards set out by the Environmental Protection Agencies WaterSense criteria.

One drawback we discovered was that it doesn't come with a seat. So it will cost a little bit extra to get one. One suggestion is the SensoWash. It will match the theme and come with a bidet spray to leave you feeling fresher after use.

It doesn't meet ADA criteria with a height of under seventeen inches, however, overall, the white alpin color, shape, style, and how it hides the trapway, win us over. Not ridiculously overpriced either, falling into the middle tier budget range.

2157010005 Durastyle

There are some big differences in how the 2157010005 operates compared to the 2120010001. The most notable of which is the dual flushing system which will be utilized by the simple press of the button on top of its tank. Two separate water powers, for two different waste purposes. The heavier of them will handle the solid waste and the lesser and more conservative one liquid.

Style wise, the tank has a rather unique rectangular shape that compliments the smooth, elongated bowl. It's finished in white alpin and could work well as an alternative to the standard designs on the market that can at times seem quite plain and basic.

Unofrtunately, the seat and its cover isn't included with the main package. You will need to get it separately. The Duravit 0060590000 will fit it.

On the whole, a great looking toilet, that offers a more flexible flush system and is competitively priced with units sharing similar properties and specifications.

2103010005 Vero

The 210301 comes from the Vero collection and is model that we would categorize under toilets for tall people simply because it has measures sixteen and a half inches to the tip of the bowl. When you add in the seating, it will be a couple of inches taller than standard sizes and much better suited to longer leg lengths.

This operates on a siphonic flush that pushes 1.28 gallons through the bowl. This keep water consumption down in a busy household. Over a year, you can expect to save thousands of gallons.

Even though its listed as an elongated bowl style, I would say this is more of a rectangular option. Its geometric style gives it a very modern feel, and the hidden trap only compliments the overall theme.

A good choice for someone with unique visions in how their bathroom should look.

2121010001 Happy D.2

The 212101 provides a beautifully crafted one piece design with an elongated shape bowl, making it an ideal solution for consumers wanting a contemporary style to spruce up their bathroom.

It uperates on a handy dual flushing technology which will help the user save water by giving them a choice between a liquid and solid flush. The button is located on top of its tank.

Compared to several other other brands and similar styles, this is a little bit more expensive, but is a decent option for buyers looking for an eco friendly loo, with a unique design.

Comparison table

2120010001 Starck 3 2157010005 Durastyle 2103010005 Vero 2121010001 Happy D.2
Type One piece One piece One piece One piece
Flush HET Dual HET Dual
GPF 1.28 0.92 / 1.32 1.28 0.92 / 1.32
Bowl Elongated Elongated Elongated Elongated
Comfort height
Color White alpin White alpin White alpin White alpin
Dimensions 15.8 x 28.1 x 26.4" 14.6 x 28.4 x 29" 14.8 x 28.5 x 29.5" 28.8 x 15.5 x 31.9"
Weight 114.9 lbs 121.3 lbs 116.4 lbs 121 lbs
Rating 85% 85% 84% 83%

About the brand

Duravit are a company which manufactures various sanitary ware and fixtures for the bathroom. Not limited to just toilets, they also produce bath tubs, cabinets, showers, sinks, bidets, urinals and plenty more. In 1956 they began to make porcelain products, which eventually extended to bathroom hardware. Of which they are known for their unique, aesthetic style ideas.


Some of their most popular product ranges include Starck 3, Vero, Happy D.2, Durastyle, and DuraSquare. Each possess a unique set of style properties as well as how they operate like their flushing mechanism, mounting, and much more.

Other considerations

Space - Like any other room in your home that you're planning to renovate or upgrade, you'll need to understand the amount of floor space you're working with. Will you need something compact for a smaller sized bathroom? Or do you have a rather large room where the size of the loo is of no consequence? There are products that suit either scenario. In fact, they have a nice bathroom planner which helps with this.

Budget - Three things to ask yourself when budgetting. The first will be: Do you want a luxury product that comes with the more advanced features? Options that fall into this category tend to be expensive but are powerful, comfortable, and look great. Secondly, Are you happy with a mid range unit that meets the everyday requirements in the household? These are the options most people choose as they are a bit more affordable, but still effective and durable enough to last long term. Then thirdly, Do you need a low cost option? There is plenty of availability in this category too, but don't expect them to contain anywhere near the same qualities as the more expensive products. In our opinion, a budget of between $250 and $500 is usually sufficient enough for most people.

Mounting - There are twp main types of mounting available. Floor mounted items being the most common of them. However, their is a growing demand for wall mounted, also known as suspended toilets thanks to their minimalistic and space saving properties that hides the tank.

Consumer feedback - It don't matter if you've been recommended it by a plumbing professional, friend, or anyone else for that matter. Always look at what consumers are reporting about it online. You can often uncover flaws that may have unforseen consequences in the future. The last thing you want is something the needs replacing after 6 months or so. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Seat - Find out if the seat is included with your purchase. Several times I've gone to the checkout and discovered that I need to purchase it as an extra which can easily set you back another 50 bucks, messing up your budget limit in the process.

Color - Think about how the color is going to impact the surrounding features of the room. Will it clash with the current color theme? Does it need to match the tiling and paint? Generally speaking, brighter colors such as white, cream, linen, cotton, or bone are the sensible choice as they tend to suit the majority of interiors.

Rough in - Learn what your rough in size is here. Understanding this is key to finding a suitable fit that doesn't leave too much space behind the tank. 12 inches are common, but you will also come across several that fit 14 and 10 inches respectively.

MaP testing - MaP provide a flushing performance scale that will say a lot about a particular models ability to remove bulk waste from the bowl and through its waste outlet. The scale itself starts at the 0 to 250 grams range, which are poor and not recommended. Then you have units that fall into 250-350g range which is ok, but don't expect great performance levels. They're acceptable but not adequate for most households. Then there is the mid to upper range of between 350-600g which they describe as strong and commended. Then finally the ones with the most power, the 600-1000g range, which is at the top end of its scale and highly rated. What you choose is ultimately up to you, but the price does tend to go up with it. Plus the lower on the scale it is, the more chances of them clogging up. So keep that in mind.

Wrapping up

There is no question in my mind that Duravit toilets are among the most beautifully crafted on the market. They have an elegance about them with clean and simple designs, that can be the ideal match for any modern bathroom. Whilst they may not have the same popularity as brands like TOTO and KOHLER, the units we've come across in our research contain a respectable spec list that will work well as a residential installation. They are also rather inexpensive when compared to some others.

Should you not choose to go with any of our recommendations above, we suggest taking the knowledge from the guide above and applying it yourself when you shop online for alternatives or read our other reviews here. You can also get a better understanding of the plumbing terms used here, or follow industry news on our blog.