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WoodBridge Toilet Reviews 2024

When it comes to toilets, WoodBridge has a lot to offer consumers. Whilst they may not be a household name like Toto and Kohler, they still provide some great functionality for residential use.

This is our guide for people wanting to find the best toilets to buy for their home. We will be looking into the features and design specs from this brand such as flush mechanism, water usage, bowl shapes, and consumer feedback. By doing so we will be able to choose a few of our favorites based on quality and affordability.

Our picks

Image Product GPF Rating?
1.0 / 1.6 88%
1.0 / 1.6 86%
1.0 / 1.6 85%



A beautiful product which comes equipped with an elongated shape bowl, which includes a fully skirted trapway. This gives it a sleek and contemporary design. Then there are the benefits of the skirting making it easier to clean.

It utilizes a dual flushing toilet mechanism. Choose between 1.0 GPF or 1.6 GPF to send through the bowl. The heavier the flow rate, the better the performance. However, people wanting to cut down on the amount of water they use will appreciate the 1.0 gallon option. To operate you will have one of two buttons on top of the tank to press. Simple and user friendly.

The manufacturer describes the flush as being powerful but quiet. For some consumers keeping the noise levels down is very important.

It's a high toilet, often labelled as comfort height, which is simply a design adjustment on standard bowls to make them slightly taller. The idea behind them is to make them more accessible and reduce stress on the joints when sitting and standing up.

The soft closing seat is included with the apckage which is different to several competitors which tend to sell them separately. It also comes with a quick release design feature should you wish to remove it for cleaning purposes.


The T-0020 is an aesthetically pleasing design. For that added unique touch to your washrooms theme, this could be a great match, which has an elongated to rectangular shaped bowl which looks great.

Much like the 0019 model, it has a concealed trap making light work of cleaning and maintenance. Everyone appreciates a hygienic bathroom envronment.

It also has a siphonic, dual flush system, enabling consumers to switch between 1.0 gallons and 1.6 gallons depending on the waste they need flushed.

Overall, this is a great choice, which is reasonably simple to install and priced competitively.

Comparison table

T-0019 T-0020
Flush Dual Dual
GPF 1.0 / 1.6 1.0 / 1.6
Bowl Elongated Square
Comfort height
Color White White
Dimensions 28.5 x 14.5 x 27" 29 x 15 x 28 "
Weight 118 lbs 138 lbs
Rating 88% 85%

About the brand

WoodBridge are based in Cerritos, California and manufacture a range of bathroom and kitchen plumbing hardware. Shower bases and doors, faucets, vanities, toilets are all examples of products they sell.

Considerations before you buy

Purchasing a toilet can be quite a large expense for many consumers. That's why it's important to take a step back and think about what you want. Rushing isn't ever a good strategy. So to make this task easier, we will be highlighting the main things to think about before you buy below.

Type - Are you shopping for a two piece, or one piece toilet? There are certain advantages to owning either, but for us, the sensible choice is one piece for people with limited D.I.Y experience. They are easier to install simply because there is no requirement to attach the bowl to the tank.

Rough in - Your rough in measurement is very important. Before you make any decisions, you should know whether or not you have a ten, twelve, or fourteen inch rough. The majority of people will require a 12" model, but that's not always guarenteed and you should know what you need beforehand. This guide will show you how to do that.

Mount - How your loo is mounted should be considered. Are you someone that places high importance on the look of your bathroom? If that's the case a hanging toilet may be perfect. However, it can be argued that the products with the highest performing specs are often standard, floor mounted units.

Size and height - Apart from those of you who have a small living space, a taller, larger loo may be a sensible choice. They are better suited to people with mobility or joint issues and are seen as more inclusive for guests. These are commonly known as ADA compliant toilets. Aside from how tall the bowl is, you will also need to make a decision on whether or not to go for an elongated or round shaped bowl.

Extras - With any purchase, people should be preparing themselves for additional expenses such as getting a supply line or even a seat. Not all manufacturers include them and the additional costs can be problematic for people not looking to spend a lot.

Wrapping up

Overall, a WoodBridge toilet could be an excellent choice for your bathroom. They offer a great mix of flushing systems, plus unique tank and bowl designs that give them a contemporary exterior. Just make sure you've looked into each of the considerations listed above and you will avoid many of the mistakes consumers make when buying.

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