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Best compact toilets for small bathrooms 2024

With ever increasing population rates, and house prices, people are finding themselves purchasing homes with less space available to them. This can cause multiple problems for the homeowner, but none more so than in a bathroom. Manufacturers have come up with increasingly clever innovations and designs to help with this. A compact toilet is one such example of this.

To make the research process as painless as possible, our toilet reviews will include in depth details about a products specifications. More specifically, information about their overall footprint, rough in, and flush performance. We then gather all this info and rate each out of one hundred below.

Small toilet ratings

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Compact toilet Reviews

Picking just one narrow toilet from the crowd can be overwhelming for shoppers. To help you make the right decision, we've lined up a list of what be consider to be the best available below.

KOHLER K-4007-96 San Souci

The San Souci range of KOHLER could be a smart choice. Aside from the brand name carrying some weight, this actually has some important features that made it stand out from several of its competitors.

A round front bowl and a one piece design combine well to produce a low footprint with dimensions of 25.6 by 16.8 by 24.2 inches. Great for a powder room set up.

Looking into the flush mechanism built in, it has AquaPiston style technology that uses just 1.28 gallons and will help you save water.

The exterior is finished in a unique biscuit color, and the smooth edges give off a modern vibe.

It may be a little more expensive compared to several others on the market, but keep in mind that you get a soft close seat and lid included. Something that some manufacturers want you to find separately.

American Standard 2889218.020 H2Option

American Standard are a high quality brand we always watch out for when investigating, compiling, and ranking a list of products. The 2889218.020 has a decent set of specifications that includes a round front bowl that produces added leg room, and a PowerWash rim.

Those of you who enjoy having a hygienic bathroom will certainly appreciate the PowerWash and Siphon jets used to push any bacterial build up off the bowl. This becomes even more effective when you think about the EverClean surface, which is produced by AS to keep itself clean with a special type of glazing built in to fight against all types of problems people run into through a modern household such as mold and mildew.

This model is not necessarily the smallest toilet available. It has a normal height bowl rather than the right height that is becoming more common. Which will be fine for your average buyer. However, for those who have people living with them, or even visitors that may have a range of mobility issues, it may make more sense to opt for a comfort height unit.

Has a dual flush, which gives people more choice in how much water they consume. A gallons per flush usage of between 0.92 and 1.28 gpf is respectable, and of course, fully WaterSense certified.

The seat doesn't come included, but at the same time, it's not particularly expensive, so the additional cost of getting one shouldn't effect the end price too much. Overall, I see this as a good choice for mid tier budget users.

TOTO MS853113S#01 Ultramax

If you're not familiar with TOTO, you can read our guide here. They are a well known company that produce all kinds of loos ranging from one piece to two, gravity fed to pressure assisted. From our research we've found plenty of products from this brand that have been rated highly by consumers across the web.

The MS853113S#01 is one of these, and that's partly the reason for it coming third. Other reasoning behind it, falls on the design which is small, one piece, and includes a round shaped bowl. The exterior looks great, it has contemporary touch, alongside a bright, cotton white finish that will compliment many different color themes used on the floor, wall and ceiling.

It utilizes a G-Max flushing system to wash down the bowl, for which a standard 1.6 GPF is used. This is noted to offer users commercial grade performace, but at the same time, operate quietly.

Falls into the higher price point category, and not recommended if your looking for a bargain. But for those who are willing to spend a little extra for a nice design with a quality flush, this could be what you're looking for.

Comparison table

KOHLER K-4007-96 American Standard 2889218.020 TOTO MS853113S#01
Type One piece Two piece One piece
Flush HET DF G-Max
GPF 1.28 1.28 1.6
Bowl Round Round Round
Comfort height
Color Biscuit White Cotton White
Dimensions 25.6 x 16.8 x 24.2" 15 x 27.8 x 30" 27 x 17 x 28"
Weight 92 lbs 68.8 lbs 89 lbs
Rating 89% 88% 88%

Advantages of low profile toilets

Layout - Because of the extra room given to you through the low profile design of shallow depth toilets, you get more freedom in how you set things up. You can make use of the additional space for other things such as bathroom vanities, sinks, mirrors, cupboards, and much more.

Location - They can, with a bit of planning, be put in places where you wouldn't expect a normal unit to fit. In the case of macerating products, they can be even more flexible, with the ability to be installed in your basement or similar.

Considerations before you buy

Rough in - Whichever space saver toilet you pick, you'll still need to know what your rough in measurement is. If you are looking to install it in a smaller space, a ten inch rough in would be ideal. The reasoning behind this is simple. It will be positioned closer to the wall, creating more leg room in the surrounding area. However, if you find your to be bigger than 10", don't panic, there are alternative ways to save space. Some of which I shall be mentioning below.

Bowl shape - If you've done a bit of research and looked around online, you may of seen two types of bowl. The first being elongated, and the second round. The elongated shape bowl tends to be one that sticks out further, which can cause problems for you and what you're trying to achieve. However, the round front options are smaller in terms of footprint and dimensions, making them a good bet for your bathroom.

Short length - Always check out the dimensions that manufacturers provide. It will give you an indication of size based on height, width, and depth and ensure you make a smarter decision based on your own requirements. A short depth toilet could be ideal.

Upflush - Noted as being quite versatile in where you install it, upflushing mechanisms are designed to be put in unconventional places, with less need for big DIY jobs. Typical locations include basements, and attics. So this could be yet another alternative solution to look into.

Wall mounted - How they are mounted can have a significant effect on how it deals with the surrounding area. Floating toilets come equipped with hardware to mount them to the wall, often complete with a in wall tank carrier system, which can be ideal for what you're trying to achieve. With the tank hidden, the reult is everything gets pushed back closer to the wall.

Water usage - The GPF (Gallons per flush) will give you an indicator of how much water the flushing mechanism utilizes to clean the bowl. You may find two types of loo in this respect, one known as standard, which tends to operate on 1.6 GPF, and the other fitting the Environmental Protection Agencies WaterSense criteria, which is seen as 1.28 gallons and below. However, you do get some options on the market that use just 0.6 GPF.

Other notes - Whilst a lot of focus can be directed at the space saving toilet you're choosing, consumers can often overlook items and furniture in the general vicinity that can be used to great effect. For example, instead of putting a large bathroom vanity in the middle of your room, why not look into smart designs that consume far less space, such as over the toilet storage. Getting things right in this regard can make a significant difference to how spacious the room looks. Another option it to put up shelves in strategic positions.

Wrapping up

You may not have the largest house, and some areas may feel cramped, but you can make the most of what's given to you by following our buying guide above. What we classify as the best small toilets will differ from person to person, as no two sets of criteria are the same. A lot of it comes down to how your current plumbing set up looks like and style tastes. If you know what you need and want in both of these areas, you've won half the battle, and the remaining tasks involve picking a suitable flush mechanism, and price point.

Have any questions related to this article? Read the FAQ. Alternatively, readers can use our terminology guide to identify phrases used by both plumbing profesionals and brand names alike.