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Best Bidet Toilet Seats and Washlets of 2024

A bidet seat can offer plenty of benefits to a homeowner. The most important of these is how hygienic they are compared to the standard way of wiping. The spray function will help you feel cleaner after using the toilet, and they can have some great additional features such as heating for the winter months.

However, with the numerous products, brands, and capabilities available, things can quickly become confusing for consumers. That's where this buying guide comes in. We look at the specifications of each unit to determine how good the bidet is, then give each one a percentage rating based on that. If you're willing to stretch your budget for getting a top quality toilet, then these could be a perfect match for it.

Top rated products

Image Product Shape Material Rating? Review
Elongated Plastic 86% Here
Elongated Plastic 85% Here
Round Plastic 84% Here


TOTO SW554-01 Washlet S300

We've had our say on the TOTO toilet brand, but what of its bidet ranges? We take a look at its various features below.

The first thing we noticed was that it is operated wirelessly with a remote control with easy to understand buttons and menus. Using said remote, you will be able to handle spray options such as water temperature, and how powerful it is.

Then there is a drying setting which works by utilizing warm air for added convenience. What's more a automatic air deodorizer will leave the bathroom smelling nicer after use.

The seat is soft closing which will eliminate the slamming shut of the seat, stopping the loud noises in the night that wake the family up. It's finished in a cotton white color which has many potential suiters, but if that's not for you, you can also find it in beige and collonial white.

Overall, this has some great functionality which will enhance your washroom experience and have you feeling cleaner. There is plenty of consumer feedback on it too, which is useful in identifying any potential problems it may have.

KOHLER K-4108-0 C3 230

As you may of seen through reading our KOHLER toilet reviews, this is a manufacturer that is reputable, and one that has produced a great deal of lavatory products that have received a lot of positive feedback. But where does this particular unit stand? What can it do for you?

Heated water for extra comfort and relaxation are included, which are adjustable as you see fit. In fact, users have the choice of picking five differing temperature levels, which is a nice bit of variety.

Like its competition above, it's controlled via remote. It also has the ability to record and remember user profiles for up to two people, stopping the need to re programme it every time you sit down.

And for the people concerned about hygiene, this includes UV sanitization which washes the wand and helps prevent bacteria and germ build up.

It's designed to fit most elongated shape bowls, and it has built in LED lighting which will come in handy in the evening in lighting up the bowl.

Brondell Swash 1000 S1000RW

The Swah 1000 is a solid alternative to the other two above. There are certainly some top features that enable it to go toe to toe with many of the markets competitors. Lets go through the main specifications below.

It's equipped with both the washer spray as well as a dryer, which are sent through a stainless steel wand with self cleaning features. The spray function is able to be adjusted in terms of how wide and how fast it shoots out. Both can be controlled using a remote control that has user friendly, and easily understandable buttons attached.

The seat has a quick release option if you feel like giving it a good scrub, and it has a contemporary design for the style conscious.

Comparison table

TOTO SW554-01 Washlet S300 KOHLER K-4108-0 C3 230 Brondell S1000RW
Shape Elongated Elongated Round
Material Plastic Plastic Plastic
Color Cotton white White White
Dimensions 23.8 x 21.6 x 7" 20.4 x 17.1 x 6.1" 25 x 20 x 15"
Weight 18.5 lbs 10 lbs 25 lbs
Rating 86% 85% 84%


The first, and perhaps the more obvious benefit of using bidets is the improvement in personal hygiene after using the toilet. However, there are a few other ways they can be beneficial to you. Something that's overlooked is that they are better for the environment. Consider just how much toilet paper the average family household consumes over a year, then think about how much a simple spray of water will help reduce the amount of paper used. That's something that goes hand in hand with saving money too. The less sheets you use, the more money you're going to keep in your pocket. And because there will be less waste going through the trap, it reduces the chance of a blockage.

Additionally, you can expect less skin irritation, which many people complain about.

Considerations before you buy

As with many things, it's important you understand key features and specifications before you go shopping, be it online or elsewhere. We've provided a short list of pre purchase considerations to ensure you have enough knowledge to understand your own requirements.

Mount - You get to choose from a couple of different mounting types. Both can effect the type of seat you require. The first is attached to the wall which works with a carrier system that is hidden behind the wall. The other is far more common and that's floor mounted. Both can be advantageous. For example, some of the top floating toilets look great and are equipped with some first class functionality. But the reality is, without spending a large amount on renovation, floor mounted options are the sensible choice.

Material - Have a long think about the material you want. There are padded seats available, which are usually vinyl based and easy to clean. And then there are options that close quietly that come in a variety of materials. Cushioning will bring that extra level of comfort, but you're not going to find many bidets with such a feature.

Heating - Many consumers make the mistake of thinking they are just a advanced cleaning tool. While that can be the case, the more technologically advanced products offers extras such as heating which can be pleasent to sit on, especially in the cooler evenings, or chilly winters.

Spray power - Some lower budget units are only going to offer one single spray function. However, some expensive options will offer multiple power settings as well as temperature control. Which you end up with, will come down to the price point you're willing to enter at.

Wrapping up

To be honest, it's quite surprising that bidet toilet seats aren't more commonplace in this day and age. They're so much more hygienic and convennient that the traditional cleaning methods, and depending on which brand you go for, they can have a few useful luxuries sprinkled in too. For those wanting to modernize their washroom, you can't go far wrong with them.

To give yourself the best chances of securing a product that you love, why not gain a bit of knowledge? We have several guides and articles that can help you get started. Namely the frequently asked questions, terminology, and blog pages. Good luck.