Installing your new toilet

So you finally decided to make a change in your bathroom for the better and modernize the toilet? Great, we're going to show you how to do so with a easy to follow, step by step guide that beginners can use.

1. Measuring the rough in size - It's important to know what size you need before starting to shop around. An ill fitting unit is going to cause problems, both in terms of the ease of installation, and the aesthetics of the bathroom. A rough in too small is going to leave a lot of unecessary space behind the tank which will leave it looking quite amateur. Many homes fit twelve inches, but this isn't always the case. Be sure to measure before you buy anything.

2. Pick a toilet - There is undoubtedly a lot of choice for consumers. With plenty of decisions to be made about what type of toilet you require. Is it something you want hanging on the wall, or would you prefer something mounted on your floor? Are you happy with a single flushing mechanism, or do you want something more advanced such as touchless activation. The choice unfortunately isn't an easy one to make, but our buying guide will help you through this process, regardless of your budget range.

3. Remove the old toilet - Removing the old is a fairly straightforward process.

a. The first thing you need to do is shut off the water supply and get rid of any remaining water in the tank by flushing it until empty. Any water left over in the bowl can be scooped out using a small container.

b. Remove or dettach the water supply line from the bowl if you aren't planning to replace it with your new model. If you're getting a supply line with the package, then you no longer have a need for it.

c. The tanks lid should now be taken off the top of the tank and placed in storage. The less weight on the tank the better when it comes to removing it.

d. If you have a two piece design, you should remove the tank from the bowl by unscrewing / loosening the bolts that keep it in place. Alternatively, you may have a one piece toilet. If this is the case, then skip this step as they are joined together.

e. Unscrew the bolts which mount the base of the bowl too the floor. Once the closet bolts are out, you will need to gently free the base of the wax ring which seals it by rocking it back and forth. The waste outlet will be exposed after this. Be sure you have something readily avaialble to block it to prevent odors and gases from rising.

f. The last step of the removal process involves getting rid of the excess wax and cleaning the surface making sure its ready to mount your new one.

4. Installation of your new toilet - That wasn't so bad was it? Carrying on the good work you've completed so far, it's time to fit the new one.

a. Place the new closet bolts or screws into the old holes.

b. Your toilet bowl will need to be flipped upside down so that you can place a new wax ring over the horn.

c. Remember we covered the waste outlet in step 3e? Well it's time to remove that as you're now ready to mount it. Position it appropriately and apply pressure on it to allow the wax to seal. Tighten the mounting screws at the base.

d. The step of installing the tank will be dependant on whether you have a one or two piece model. Assuming you have a two piece, you will need to mount it onto the bowl and tighten the bolts so that it's secure.

e. Re-attach the water supply line to the tank.

f. Test the flushing mechanism to check for leaks, and make small adjustments as you see fit. You can also apply sealent at the base of the bowl.

So there you have it. A simple guide to replacing your toilet. You should always read through the manufacturers instructions when you do these things to avoid making mistakes.

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