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Ariel Toilet Reviews 2024

If you have quite a unique taste in style and want to bring your bathroom visions to life, then Ariel toilets could be a step in the right direction. They produce some great designs that are contemporary and come in unusual shapes to mix things up.

We've produced a list of the best toilets in this category below and taken time to rate their specifications and features. The aim of this article is to give our readers an insight into the quality of each unit and whether it has the flush power and capabilities to match your households requirements.

Our ratings

Image Product Flush GPF Bowl Rating? Review
Dual 0.8 / 1.6 Elongated 85% Here
Single 1.3 Elongated 84% Here
Dual 1.28 Elongated 84% Here


Bath CO1042

Designed for residential usage, the CO1042 utilizes a two separate flush powers in a dual flushing mechanism. Like many products offering similar systems, the water usage operates on a 0.8 / 1.6 gallon split. Giving the best of both worlds. Efficiency for the purpose of lowering water consumption, and power for handling higher grams of waste in the bowl. 0.8 GPF meets Environmental Protection Agencies WaterSense criteria and is excellent for the removal of liquid waste. However, the 1.6 GPF is more of a standard flush and not based on efficiency.

Its skirted trapway hides the ugly piping outlines and the smooth edges combined with the seamless tank and bowl give it a unique , modernistic theme.

It features a elongated shape bowl for comfort, a two inch trapway, and it's floor mounted. It also fits the more standard 12 inch rough in size.

A flexible option that fits into a mid to upper price point. One to think about.

Platinum TB336M

With a stylish, contemporary theme, and a blocky, rectangualr exterior, this is an option for potential buyers wanting something different. The trip lever is tucked away on the side of its tank, and despite looking like it's a two piece unit, it's actually one piece. What's more, the surface is smoothly crafted, cutting the work needed in cleaning, couple that with the fact that it has very few gaps for bacterial build up, this could be a match for someone not looking to spend too much time with washing and maintenance. Also noted as being stain resistant according to the manufacturer thanks to its glazing.

Unlike the CO1042 model above, this operates on a single, direct flush.

It's also got a slow closing seat included with the package saving you a bit of cash in purchasing it separately. This style seat has some advantages in itself such as reducing noise and damage to the rim.

This is a model that's been around for quite some time, but it's still one that makes the list, and a worthy contender for home usage if you're a fan of this brand.

Hermes TB309-1M

This model has a aesthetically pleasing one piece style with an elongated shaped bowl. Features a slow close seat to protect the rim and add a touch of convenience to your bathroom experience.

This is a suitable option for people needing a unit that fits a twelve inch rough, which is described as a 'one fit' technology. It measures 28.35 inches by 15.94 inches by 30.71 inches and weighs just over 100 lbs.

The flushing mechanism runs ona dual flush system, which contains a low flowing option of 1.28 gallons if needed.

Comparison table

Bath CO1042 Platinum TB336M Hermes TB309-1M
Flush Dual Single Dual
GPF 0.8 / 1.6 1.3 1.28
Bowl Elongated Elongated Elongated
Comfort height
Color White White White
Dimensions 29 x 14 x 30" 27.8 x 15 x 31.9" 28.4 x 15.9 x 30.7"
Weight 119 lbs 123.1 lbs 105.6 lbs
Rating 85% 84% 84%

About the brand

A company perhaps better known for their showers and bathtubs, but one that also produces a range of different toilets too. They have been around for around a quarter of a century and include plenty of variation in european designs that help them stand out from their competitors as well as variety in flushing mechanisms. Not as popular as some household names such as Kohler and Toto, but there is certainly room for their unique take on how a product should look. Sometimes, it's good to get away from the normal styles.

So for those aiming for a different kind of bathroom theme, whilst still retaining a contemporary feel, this manufacturer is worth looking into further.


Some of the collections produced include the Hermes, Adriana, Adonis, Royal, Monterey, Aphrodite, Athena, Oceanus, Camilla, Anna, Celeste, and Milano. Each collection has their own individual features and innovations as well as their own unique styles.

Considerations before you buy

Waste outlet location - This will depend on your plumbing situation and bathroom pipes layout. However, you will need to understand where waste is pushed out. Does it flow through the floor, or is it back flushing?

Bowl shape and size - If you're after comfort, the best combination to go for is an elongated shape and right height. This will ensure your legs feel at ease whilst seated, and the fact that it's taller will ensure you don't put much pressure on your joints when sitting and standing. However, we understand not all requirements are the same. So if you're looking for toilets that are compact, look for round bowls as they take up much less floor space.

Rough in - A measurement guide can be found here. Be sure that the size can vary, so don't assume until you're certain, or you'll find yourself left with a ill fitting product, or needing to find a replacement. Whilst 12 inches is the popular choice, there are also ten and fourteen inches for different set ups and installations.

Flushing performance - You can assess whether the performance of a flushing system is up to your standards in several ways. Naturally, you can look at the type. To name a few, power assist, upwards flushing, siphonic, cyclone, wash down, and several others all have their pro's and con's. But our favorite way of gaining an understanding of performance is by looking at MaP ratings. This is a program which is designed to carry out testing on units in a completely unbiased way as they aren't affiliated to any particular manufacturer.

Consumer feedback - A little bit of extra research around the web will usually enable you to find specific, first hand experience through consumer reports. Read reviews left in online shops and dig a little deeper to see if there is a common negative or positive trend. This is usually a sensible place to start when gaining an understanding of how good a product is.

Wrapping up

Not necessarily our favorite or go to brand, but what we like about Ariel toilets is that they bring a unique perspective in design and can improve an otherwise boring washroom significantly with their contemporary styles. For fans of european themes, these could be worth looking into. However, ensure you've read through our checklist above to avoid mistakes whilst shopping around.

You may have an idea of what unit you're going to pick, but maybe the phrases and words we're using are confusing? If that's the case, we provide a terminolgy page to help you define some of these. You can also check out our blog for the latest news and advice.