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Top 3 Best Comfort Height Toilets of 2024 (17 to 19 inches)

Known by many different terms in this industry, tall toilets are produced by manufacturers for both accessibility and user comfort. For example, someone who struggles to sit and stand up on standard loos, may find it far easier to get on and off them due to them being a few inches higher.

These extra inches may not seem like much, but they can make a significant difference for some. Especially when you consider that many of them are compliant with ADA criteria.

So today, we conclude several days worth of research with a list of products we feel are among the highest rated. We come to this understanding by analyzing their key specifications and features. Both of which involve digging a little deeper to see which flushing mechanism they use, how efficient they are, and any aspects of the design that stand out.

A little bit of knowledge can go a long way, we aim to arm you with that knowledge to help you find the right comfort height toilet for your homes bathroom needs.

Our Right height toilet ratings

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Top Rated Comfort Height Toilet Reviews

Listed below, readers will find several hand picked toilets for tall people. Starting at 17 inches, but there are also options in the industry that go to 18 and 19 inches. These are far more suitable for people with a longer leg length. We look at the specifications of each below and explore their capabilities to help you decide whether or not they're right for your washroom.

KOHLER K-3933-NY Memoirs

Some of you may of already had time to look at our KOHLER buying guide. If you haven't we recommend going over there now to see what we think of their products and brand.

The K-3933-NY is from the Memoirs collection. It has what I can only describe as a stately design. It's got a boxy tank and a round front bowl that will help provide more leg room. It's finished in a unique dune color.

The flush mechanism is gravity based, operating on AquaPiston technology to achieve a solid flush despite only using 1.28 GPF. Water gets sent through the bowl from all angles, effectively pushing waste through the outlet. This is controlled using a trip lever that is in an accessible position on the front of its tank.

Slightly above what we consider to be the mid range price point, this isn't ideal for people wanting to install a cheaper option. However, for those willing to spend a little extra may find this to be quite fitting for a busy, modern household.

American Standard 2989.101.020 Cadet 3

This is our second pick in the extra high toilets for elderly list. Coming from one of the market leading brands, American Standard produces a nice range of loos that could fit the bill. This particular model, the 2989.101.020, has both the looks and features to work well in a residentail environment.

Coming equipped with a concealed trapway on an elongated bowl, the design is smooth, and helps make maintenance jobs like cleaning simpler, whilst looking the part which is essential for those aiming for a contemporary style.

It's got a traditional style trip lever, which when tripped will activate the siphon jets to send water into the bowl. All this may sound rather heavy to those concerned with economical effects. However, it only makes use of an impressive 1.28 gallons to clear the bowl.

If you've ever read our reviews on AS products in the past, you'll find that several options come with what's called a EverClean surface which will help it deal with common problems like mold and bacteria. So, if you're looking to leave your bathroom in a healthy and hygienic condition after use, little inclusions like this will play their part.

Not a low budget option unfortunately, however, it does appear to be inline with many of its competitors in terms of price to feature ratio, which is always a promising sign. You should also take into account that the seat is soft close and comes as part of the package, which isn't always the case with other brands.

TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II

With a base to the top of seat measurement of 17 and 1/4 inches, the MS604114CEFG#01 from the Ultramax II collection is certainly of a more 'universal' height, or ADA toilet as described. Compared with regular sizes of around 15 inches, it can make all the difference to somebody with special seated and standing requirements.

TOTO itself is a brand which tends to be one of the leading names in the industry. You can find out more about what they offer using our guide here. But bringing focus back to this unit, I can say it deservedly finishes in third place in our opinion, with decent specifications that should allow it to excel in a modern household.

It falls into the high efficiency category, utilizing 1.28 gallons or 4.8 liters per flush. However, you shouldn't necessarily associate this with a lower quality flush. In some cases this can hold true, but with double cyclone technology, and SanaGloss glazing, it's designed to produce a powerful, yet quiet flush that pushes waste out effectively and leaves the bowl clean.

While it's fairly well known one piece options can help you save space, they are also what I consider to be the category which offers some of the best looking designs too. This one comes with smooth edges, alongside an elongated style bowl, finished in a stylish cotton white. It's simple, but it works.

This could be a option for those looking for something in the medium to upper budget range.

Comparison table

KOHLER K-3933-NY American Standard 2989.101.020 TOTO MS604114CEFG#01
Type Two piece Two piece One piece
GPF 1.28 1.28 1.28
Bowl Round Elongated Elongated
Comfort height
Color Dune White Cotton White
Dimensions 28.4 x 18.9 x 31.1" 30.2 x 15.8 x 30.2" 28.3 x 16.6 x 28.8"
Weight 80 lbs 110 lbs 99 lbs
Rating 89% 88% 88%

What is a right height toilet?

When comparisons are made to standard loos, there is one main difference that sets them apart from one another. That's bowl or seating height. Typically, standard units will fall into anything measuring below seventeen inches. And there are certainly plenty available that meet that description. However, when we refer to right height, or as some would call it, chair height, they usually measure between seventeen inches and nineteen inches.

The reasoning behind the design of such products is so that people can access the toilet easier, making it ideal not just for average users, but also some elderly, handicapped, and the infirm. The standing up, and seated distance is lower, resulting in less pressure on users joints and bones.

Over the years, these have been deployed in commercial settings to accommodate a wider range of physical needs. However, more recently, it's becoming quite common in the residential sector too.


Where fifteen inches were seen as problematic for some people, companies came up with a new idea to make their products taller. There are several ways universal height toilets can be beneficial to the average user.

Less range of motion required - Because they are high rise toilets, there is a shorter distance between being seated and standing. Making them a great choice for people who struggle bending down and getting up.

Less pressure on joints - The lower your seated, the harder you'll find pressure hitting your joints and muscles. But more specifically, your knees and leg muscles. Being that little bit higher up takes a fair amount of that stress out of the equation.

Ideal for senior citizens - Older people in the household will appreciate the loo being more accessible for them.

Flush assistance - Keeping on the subject of having accessible bathrooms, some models that fit this criteria also come with trip levers that are easier to pull. For those users who have issues that effect grip or strength, such as arthritis.

Considerations before you buy

Finding a good toilet is difficult enough without thinking about all the added extras and headaches that can potentially come along with it. We will attempt to lighten the burden on your shoulders by listing out exactly what you should be looking out for whilst shopping below.

Flush - We've covered flush mechanisms in depth on several other articles currently listed on our site. Namely, the hands free, macerating, and dual flush guide. Familiarize youself with each of these and try to decide which one best fits your requirements.

Bowl - Having already covered the need to know information about how tall toilet bowls are, you should now be choosing the shape. These are typically elongated, but you'll also find your fair share of round front options too. Then, there is also the task of picking between normal, or skirted trapways.

Style - Sometimes an oversight for consumers, but one that is important nonetheless. How a unit looks externally can effect the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom as a whole. Attempt to match colors and themes the best you can. Going with a lighter color such as white is sensible as we believe they match far more themes than those that are more obscure.

Conservation - Finding a unit that consumes less water should be high on your list of priorities. There are several advantages to buying such a product. For one, it'll certainly help cut any water bills your household gets, making it far more economically friendly. But what exactly should you be looking out for in your research? For starters, be on the lookout for the WaterSense label. These typically consume up to 1.28 gallons with each flush, but if you spend enough time exploring what the market has to offer, it's likely you'll discover several ranges that use smaller amounts than that.

Budget - Set yourself a price limit before you begin. This will help prevent overspending, but make sure you're careful whilst conducting your research as some manufacturers don't always include essential parts such as the seat and lid. Such exclusions can be quite pricey when you add it all together.

Wrapping up

We have listed out and reviewed what we consider to be among the top tall toilets with a universal height bowl currently available based on a specific criteria. This involves looking at the specs and comparing competitors up against one another. However, if you feel you would prefer to have a browse around yourself, make sure you keep the considerations mentioned above in mind. Spending a little bit of time to educate yourself on common features and functions can save a lot of bother in the future. Good luck in your search. If you would like to ask a question, have a read of our F.A.Q.