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Best Pressure Assisted Toilets of 2024

Are you looking for more power and efficiency in the bathroom? If that's the case, then a good pressure assist toilet could be a great solution. They utilize air pressure and water to produce a cleaner, high performance flush that will effectively remove waste from the bowl.

To help readers understand more about them, we've produced a table of rankings based of various criteria such as brand, style, mechanism, customer feedback and much more to give a well rounded overview of what to expect from each.

Top picks

Image Product Flush GPF Bowl Rating? Review
PA 1.4 Elongated 87% Here
PA 1.1 Elongated 86% Here
PA 0.8 Elongated 85% Here


KOHLER K-3493-0 Highline

This is a high pressure toilet from the Highline range of KOHLER. Packed with a number of features to improve comfort, whilst retaining solid flushing performance. Lets look at the specifications below.

This is a two piece installation, which has an elongated shape bowl that is taller in height to the seat than many standard bowls. In effect, this means it's comfort height which complies with ADA standards.

The flushing mechanism is operated via the trip lever on the left of its tank, which will send 1.4 gallons of water through the bowl. Not quite what the EPA outlines as efficient, but it will effectively clean the bowl. The MaP flush rating of 1000 grams backs this up further.

On the negative side of things, I wouldn't say this is the nicest looking I've come across, plus the supply line and seat isn't included. But for whatever you make of those things, consumer feedback tends to be more on the positive side, which is a good sign.

American Standard 2462.100.020 Cadet

Our reviews of American Standard toilets will tell you plenty about what our thinking is of them as a company, and what they can offer the modern home. But focusing on the 2462.100.020, this stands out for a couple of reasons. The first being its water consumption, and the second being the price. Lets look at the specs further below.

Perhaps something that isn't always a certainty is the efficiency. Yes they can fall under the standard 1.6 GPF range, but they don't always fall under the WaterSense criteria, which is exactly what this unit does, with 1.1 GPF. The manufacturer states that this can save you up to thirty one percent in water each year. That will be an incentive for those wanting more economically friendly hardware in the bathroom.

It fits a twelve inch rough in, and is two piece, which is quite common among this style. The additional EverClean glazing will help prevent germs and bacteria from growing as well as providing a slick surface for the flush to clean out the bowl effectively.

It's reasonably inexpensive too, not quite bargain basement, but very affordable compared to some of its competitors.

Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth

The 77001WHCO1 is a lower budget alternative manufactured by Niagara for those not looking to spend too much, but still achieve an acceptable and decent flushing performance.

Whilst it may not have some of the attributes of market leading units, there is plenty of selling points. One in particular is the ultra low water consumption. In total it utilizes just zero point eight gallons of water. Very environmentally friendly.

Other notable inclusions that can't be ignored like ADA compliance will make it easier to sit and stand without working your joints and muscles as much as standard height bowls.

Instead of a trip lever, you have a button on top of its tank, which will push water through the floor based waste outlet.

Overall, this is a cheaper option that has been well received by consumers around the web looking at reviews from several sources.

Comparison table

KOHLER K-3493-0 Highline American Standard 2462.100.020 Cadet Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth
Type Two piece Two piece Two piece
Flush PA PA PA
GPF 1.4 1.1 0.8
Bowl Elongated Elongated Elongated
Color White White White
Dimensions 38.2 x 25 x 23.7" 30.2 x 20.5 x 29.2" 28.9 x 18.8 x 31"
Weight 102.5 lbs 111 lbs 103 lbs
Rating 87% 86% 85%

Advantages of owning a power flush toilet

Good performance - If you're looking for strong flushing performance, they could be ideal. By utilizing high air pressure it manages to force more waste through the outlet than your average gravity fed option.

Clogging - Less chance of getting backed up.

No condensation - In many places around the US, the difference in temperature between the water inside the bowl and the outside environment can cause what's known as sweating or condensation in standard designs. However, because these units have a tank in tank style, this is no longer an issue.

Efficiency - When we talk about water efficiency, we usually refer to WaterSense labelled. However, whilst they are not typically as low flush toilets, they still can be far more efficient than standard 1.6 GPF models.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

Parts - In the event that something breaks, snaps, or just straight up needs replacing, there may be a little more difficulty in obtaining them as they tend to be rarer than your standard units.

Noisy - The amount of noise the flush makes is perhaps a fair bit louder than standard models. Which may be a problem for family homes with thin walls.

PSI - There are PSI pressure requirements that will need to be met. Generally twenty to thirty pounds per square inch. The plumbing set up will vary from home to home, so for some, your water pressure may be too low. Ideally, you'll want to contact a professional to find this out for you.

Appearance - Regardless of the features, we still place high value on how aesthetically pleasing a product is. The problem in this department is that they are typically two piece designs which don't usually have those sleek, contemporary themes to them.

Other considerations

Rough in - As always, you should measure your rough to determine which unit will suit your washroom. Many manufacturers make twelve inches the standard size, but there are also cases where a household requires ten or fourteen inches. Which is why it's important to get ensure your measurements are accurate.

Space - It doesn't matter if you live in an apartment, cottage, bungalow, or any other type of house for that matter, knowing how much floor space availability you have is critical in choosing the right product that makes the most of what's given to it. If you have what most would consider to be a smaller sized bathroom, then you should be on the look out for a unit which is more compact in its design.

Brand - Whilst there are plenty of hidden gems from relatively unknown companies waiting to be found, we recommend going with the bigger brand names as they tend to attract more consumers that leave a bigger range of feedback for you to digest and use to your advantage.

Color - The color you pick is going to have an effect on your overall bathroom appearance. The top flushing toilets offer a lot of choice in colors. So spend time thinking about which color will compliment things like the wall, ceiling, tiles, and faucets. This can often be overlooked, and shouldn't be because it will help it feel more homely if you get it right. Colours like cream, ivory, bone, linen, and cotton white are all popular choices as they are bright and work well with sunlight, which can help brighten up a previously dark and miserable room.

Warranty - Read the warranty policy offered before you buy anything. It's important to ensure you're adequately protected in the event that something should break or go wrong.

Budget - For the majority of cases. Performance and aesthetics are the main selling points that people are interested in. With that being said, you can get your hands on a product that has both for less than five hundred bucks. We're of the opinion that you don't need to spend more than this for an effective replacement. So we suggest setting yourself a budget within this limit.

Consumer reports - You should always be looking at what consumers are saying about items online. It's more likely that you'll avoid products with flaws if you dig into what previous buyers have said.

Wrapping up

Making a significant investment like this can prove difficult for many people. There are numerous decisions and factors to take into account in picking the right pressure assisted toilet. By following the steps laid out in our guide above, you can give yourself more knowledge in how they work and which specific features to look out for. Increasing the chances at which you find a product that fits your households requirements.

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