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Best Round toilets of 2024

Round bowl toilets have plenty to offer consumers. They are the go to option for buyers looking to save space in their bathroom. That's because in comparison to their elongated counterparts, they are lower profile and far better suited to compact washrooms in general.

We've sorted through a number of popular toilets from a wide variety of manufacturers to provide our readers with a detailed overview of some of our favorite picks. Within our research, we look at the importance of specific flushing, height, glazing, trapway, and tank specs.

Our ratings

Image Product Flush GPF Rating Review
G-Max 1.6 85% Here
HET 1.28 84% Here
Cadet 1.6 82% Here


TOTO CST423SF#01 Promenade

The CST423SF#01 has a strong flushing mechanism, utilizing TOTOs G-Max system which combines a large water surface with a big three inch flush valve and an extra large siphonic jet to achieve great performance in waste removal.

This goes hand in hand with its water usage. Whilst it may not meet low flow standards, it achieves power with more water sent through the bowl. In this case 1.6 gallons.

The bowl is slightly taller than average, labelled as universal height, and it's a two piece construction meaning that the tank and bowl will need to be attached to one another when you install it in your bathroom.

Looking at the bigger picture, the Promenade meets a number of important criteria we look for when shopping for new toilets, and the customer reportsare reflecting that with high ratings.

Kohler K-3986-0 Memoirs

The K-3986-0 from Memoirs, is a popular toilet from Kohler. Perhaps the highly efficient nature of its flush is the stand out function, with the ability to save thousands of gallons through its 1.28 gallon system.

It's comfort height too, ensuring the majority of users have better access through making the bowl taller. This meets Americans wth disabilities act standards, and should be something all consumers consider in this day and age.

To give users a rough idea of size and space required for installation, product dimensions are 18.9 by 28.4 by 31.5 inches and it's also quite heavy at 125 pounds.

A great two piece option that looks great, conserves water, and could be a excellent upgrade for your bathroom.

American Standard 270DB001.020 Cadet 3

Some people aren't lucky enough to be blessed with the biggest washrooms. For those that have limited floor space to work with, the 270DB001.020 made by American Standard could be a great addition to your home.

Aside from the round front bowl, it also fits a ten inch rough. And unlike our other two picks, this is also a standard height bowl, which is naturally lighter as there is less ceramic material to carry around the house ready for installation.

It utilizes 1.6 gallons per flush, and also has a powerwash rim. Combined with its EverClean surface, it washes it more effectively while at the same time stopping the build up of particles, bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Could be a great choice for people on a lower budget.

Comparison table

TOTO CST423SF#01 Promenade Kohler K-3986-0 Memoirs American Standard 270DB001.020 Cadet 3
Flush G-Max HET Cadet
GPF 1.6 1.28 1.6
Comfort height
Color Cotton white White White
Dimensions 26.1 x 18.5 x 33.4" 18.9 x 28.4 x 31.5" 26.2 x 17 x 29.1"
Weight 86 lbs 125 lbs 55 lbs
Rating 85% 84% 82%

Considerations before you buy

Rough in - It doesn't matter if you require a 14, 12, or 10" toilet. What matters is you get a model that fits. People who make mistakes in this department often find themselves returning their products because it gets too far, or too close to the wall. Our rough in size guide for beginners highlights the important steps to take to ensure you do an accurate measurment.

Mounting - There is really only two mounting styles to choose from. One that is not often talked about is wall mounted or floating toilets. They are hung on the wall and look great. From a purely aesthetic point of view, they could be ideal. However, most homes aren't ready to have them installed because they usually need users to build the tank system within the wall, which naturally costs quite a bit more than mounting it to the waste outlet already on the floor.

Height - Standard, right, comfort, universal, chair height. You may of seen all of these labels yourself whilst browsing sanitary ware online. But what does it all mean? Standard is the name given to the bowl height when it doesn't meet Americans with disabilities criteria. This means it will be under seventeen inches from the base to its seat. The other labels refer to the extra couple of inches manufacturers give their products to cater for accessible design guidelines. These are a popular choice for the disabled and senior citizens as they aim to put less stress on your legs as you sit and stand.

Water spot - The water spot is the water area at the bottom of the bowl which your waste hits. It will help keep smells at bay for longer and stop waste adhering to the trapway. People often say the bigger the water surface area the better, but this isn't always the case. In fact, some reports say that overly large water spots can impact your flush performance negatively.

Glazing - You will want to ensure your choice has some type of glazing for fighting germs and preventing waste from gathering or sticking to the bowl. This coating can help the flushing mechanism clean out the pores within the ceramic surface more effectively. So if you're after the hygienic features, this in one to look out for.

Eco friendly? - Does saving up to twenty percent of water with each flush sound good to you? Good, because that's exactly what eco friendly toilets are achieving. These are also known as WaterSense products and only use up to 1.28 gallons per flush. What does this mean for the average homeowner? Thousands of gallons of water won't be going to waste each year, and you will be shaving a few dollars off your energy bills too.

Consumer reports - Ecommerce stores online are a excellent way to get honest, unbiased information about toilets. Some products will have built up hundreds of individual ratings from people who have bought and used it. Look at what the general sentiment of these comments are, you can usually tell the difference between a reliable product and a defective one just by doing this alone.

Wrapping up

The products we've picked above all have round toilet bowls They found their way onto our list by offering users a good combination of design quality, flush performance, brand reputation, positive customer feedback, and afordability. Each of these factors play an important part in our reviews of toilets.

By also taking into account our advice from our considerations section in this guide, you will ensure there is less chance of you making beginner mistakes whilst shopping. You can also have a read some of the most common questions people ask, or take a look at our terminology page, where we outline the typical plumbing phrases you may stumble across.