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Best High End Toilets in 2024

To fall into the high end toilet category, products should offer a certain degree of innovation which improves convenience and comfort within the bathroom. We aim to highlight some of these innovative features below to help you understand why a particular toilet stands out from the rest.

We explore the specifications of several hand picked units and compare them one another, giving readers a indication of flush power, bowl shape, MaP ratings and much more.

Our ratings

Image Product Flush GPF Rating
Dual 0.9 / 1.28 87%
Dual 0.8 / 1.28 87%


Toto MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet

Those among you who are fans of modern household technology will appreciate the extras found within the G400. Whilst it may look pretty basic and minimal externally, it has some top quality features that set it apart from traditional options. However, it is an expensive toilet. Lets check some of those thigns out below.

Automatic seat and lid opening / closing - Simple concept, but a very useful option to have. Especially if you're willing to spend a little extra for more hygienic features. Also removes the age old argument of who left the seat up.

Gloss - Its ability to clean the bowl through each flush action is improved with the additional CEFIONTECT glazing and PreMist functionality. Combined together, these two will help prevent waste from sticking and work against the build up of germs.

Operates on a dual flush system with an option of 0.9 gallons and 1.28 gallons. Once you're finished, you also have a bidet spray which can be utilized to clean your front and back, through numerouse pressure settings.

Something more unique to traditional toilets is its ability to warm up the seat as well as including a air deodorizer to help get rid of and filter out any odors.

What's perhaps even more interesting is its ability to sense when you get up to leave the bathroom, which will then activate the flushing mechanism automatically.

The features built into the MS920CEMFG#01 are outstanding. However, you can expect these luxury extras to drive the price up quite a bit comapred to standard units.

KOHLER K-5401-0 Veil

The K-5401-0 is certainly aesthetic with its one piece, smooth edged design. It's a simple design, but it works in our opinion, and it could be an option for consumers with a unique taste. Unlike standard combinations, there is no tank visible, and will not feel as though it's taking up space.

Like the washlet model above, this comes equipped with a bidet , or wand wish ensures users clean themselves more effectively after use. The manufacturer says the shape of this spray can be changed, as to can its power and position.

Utilizes a 0.8 gallon flush for liquid waste and other tasks that require small amounts of water, and a sightly stronger, but still efficient, 1.28 GPF one for heavier waste handling.

Has a auto deodorization mechanism that's designed to handle bad smelss, and like the G400, the seat has similar technological inclusions like the motion activated lid, plus heating. These are great additions in our view.

Consumer feedback is positive, with plenty of good ratings. However, if you're wanting something on a low budget, this is not going to be a suitable match.

Comparison table

TOTO MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet G400 KOHLER K-5401-0 Veil
Type One piece One piece
Flush Dual Dual
GPF 0.9 / 1.28 0.8 / 1.28
Bowl Elongated Elongated
Comfort height .
Color White White
Dimensions 28.6 x 11.6 x 26.9" 26.4 x 17.2 x 21.4"
Weight 100 lbs 110 lbs
Rating 87% 87%

Considerations before you buy

Brand - The top toilet brands are companies which have formed a good reputation over the years with product ranges that are well rated by consumers. These days, there are multiple manufacturers vying for this crown. We have a few options in mind. TOTO toilets are really good in general, and many products from Kohler have great flushing performance. Some other worthy mentions include American Standard, and Niagara.

Measurements - Sizing up and planning in advance is an important step to take. One such measurement that must be known before you shop is the rough in size. Once you know that, you should also be thinking about the size of your bathroom in relation to the dimensions of the toilet. Saving space could be high priority for many. Unfortunately, if you have a rather compact bathroom, then a luxury toilet isn't usually a smart choice since they usually take up a lot of floor space.

Bowl height - Choosing between a taller, handicap toilet and one with a standard bowl can be the difference between being comfortable whilst using the bathroom and not. If you feel you could benefit from a bit of extra height, look for products that are labelled as ADA compliant, which is really guidelines for numerous fixtures and hardware from the Americans With Disabilities Act.

MaP score - The Maximum Performance score can provide people with an early indication of the power and effectiveness of its flushing mechanism. This is a common route manufacturers use to factory test their products and demonstrate their technology. Look out for products with a score above 500g and as high as 1000g. It's a great way to gauge how strong the flush is before actually buying it.

Water surface - The water surface area measurement really is just another name for the size of its water spot. In some cases aiming for a larger surface is great, as it will successfully keep lingering smells down. However, there is a flaw in this approach too as eventually your going to big and it effects how effectively water pushes waste from the bowl.

Consumer feedback - You should always be checking customer feedback and sentiment about products you're interested in. Most online shops provide this in the form of ratings. Pay close attention to what is being said on the negative side of this scale. Are similar problems being talked about consistently? If so, you may have found a reoccurring flaw. Putting in the effort to sort through these reports can save you a lot of problems and money down the road.

Wrapping up

The most fancy toilets on the market could arguably be seen as going overboard. Not only do standard units provide plenty of flush performance and comfort for the average home owner, they are more affordable. However, if you want top of the line, the extra spent on some technological improvements like automatic flushing and bidet sprays is worth it.

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