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Rectangular and Square Shaped Toilets

Most bathrooms will either feature a elongated or round style shape bowl. But what if there was an alternative that can help modernize the whole look and feel of the room? In our opinion, some rectangular toilets not only look great, but contain a set of features that enable them to compete with some of the best home toilets in the industry.

There are naturally both benefits and drawbacks of installing one, which we will be going into in a bit more detail below. You can also expect research into how effective the flush mechanism is of individual products, consumer reports about them, alongside our own take through criteria based ranking.

Our ratings

Image Product Flush GPF Rating? Review
HET 1.28 85% Here
HET 1.28 84% Here
Dual 0.8 / 1.28 83% Here


Duravit 2103010005 Vero

The Vero from Duravit has a unique shape for those hoping to modernize the layout and look of their washroom. Simple, contemporary, and aesthetic. But what about its other features?

It's a one piece toilet, meaning the tank and bowl are joint together with no gaps between them that you tend to see on two piece models. It has quite a blocky but smooth surface which hides the trap and disguises the ugly pipes and crevices from view. But the advantages of this isn't just found in how it looks. You can also expect the general maintenance tasks to be simpler, especially when it comes to washing it.

As for the flushing mechanism, it operates on a highly efficient 1.28 gallon, gravity fed, siphonic system that starts with the simple push of a chrome button located on top of its tank.

It will fit nicely into a twelve inch rough, and comes finished in a beautifully bright white alpin color.

Readers should note that no product is perfect, everything has a weakness even if it's only small. In this case, we feel that the main downside is the price. It's fairly expensive when compared to competitors.


One piece, a rectangle bowl, plus smooth sides. The TB336 has a lot of positives going for it in the looks department. But what can you expect from its flush and day to day performance? We look into the specifications below.

One of the more notable features we discovered was the flush which reduces the amount of water wasted. 1.28 gallons will make a big difference compared to standard 1.6 units over a long period of time. More and more people are switching to these styles due to the amount of money being saved. In fact, some claim this can save up to 10,000 gallons of water each year. Despite some rumours surrounding them, they still achieve a decent flush, which coupled with a three inch flush valve, will reduce clogging and effectively push waste through the outlet.

It's compliant with US plumbing codes, floor mounted, and fits a 12 inch rough.

An area where it may hold an advantage over the competition is that it's equipped with a soft closing seat and lid. No need to buy them as an additional expense which is what some brands require you to do.

Ariel Platinum Brenna TB356

The TB356 offers another design that's crafted from one bit of porcelain. Gives off a contemporary vibe with slight curves at the front. A flat tank at the back compliments the rest of the structure, in particular the bowl.

Unlike the others we have focused on however, this comes equipped with a dual flushing mechanism that is operated via a button at the top. The two differing levels of water still allow it to meet WaterSense criteria, with either 0.8 or 1.28 gallons utilized in your choices of power. The actual mechanism itself is siphonic, which is designed to create a vacuum like effect to suck the waste out.

This is a decent alternative to the others giving users more control over the amount of water they use. It's suitable for a medium to upper budget range, but be wary of the lack of feedback from consumers.

Comparison table

Duravit 2103010005 Vero EAGO TB336 Ariel Platinum Brenna TB356
Type One piece One piece One piece
Flush HET HET Dual
GPF 1.28 1.28 0.8 / 1.28
Comfort height
Color White Alpin White White
Dimensions 14.8 x 28.5 x 29.5" 27.8 x 15 x 16.8" 27.3 x 15.1 x 29.3"
Weight 116.4 lbs 122 lbs 103 lbs
Rating 85% 84% 83%

Considerations before you buy

Rough in - Choosing a rough that fits is very important. Get it wrong and you could find yourself looking for a replacement or leaving far too much space behind the tank.

Height - The bowl height can play a significant role in how comfortable a user feels whilst sitting down. Generally, you get two main types. The first being standard height, which are commonly found in most households. The second is what's known as a handicap toilet height, which meets the Americans with Disabilities act. In summary, these will usually be measured between seventeen and nineteen inches and will help reduce the amount of stress on joints as you bend to sit and stand.

Mount - Take your pick between floor mounted and floating toilets. Floor options will push waste through the base outlet, and ones mounted on the wall will usually send it through the wall to a carrier system.

Water surface area - How large the water surface is within the bowl will help minimize the amount of odors from escaping and create a more pleasently smelling room for the next person.

Glazing - If a product has glazing, this will reduce the amount of staining and how much bacteria sticks. You will come across differing names for this like EverClean and SanaGloss, but the end goal for either is the same, to help leave it cleaner after use.

Location - Think about where you will be installing it. Is it going to be on the ground floor? Or perhaps in the basement? Different locations require different planning. For example a basement bathroom will often be located below the pipelines so will need a mechanism in place to effectively send waste upwards. A macerating toilet system will do this job.

Efficiency - You can control the overall efficiency of your lavatory to some extent. And considering its the room where most water goes to waste in the house, looking for one that fits this description could be sensible as it doesn't just effect the environment, but also your household bills. Even if its 20 percent savings year on year, that is a significant amount over a longer period of time. Keep an eye out for units with the WaterSense label.

Brand - Choosing the right brand can be somewhat challenging because there is so much competition. The sensible route to go down is to stick to a brand that has a reputation, or at the very least have some customer reviews waiting to be read online. We don't suggest one manufacturer in particular, but some of our favorites include American Standard and TOTO. However, don't limit yourself to these two. Especially when you're shopping for quite a unique shape.

Seat - There are quite a few seat styles to choose from. Yes, you have your standard elongated and round shaped ones, but what about additional features that enhance user experience such as ones that are cushioned, or even ones that close quietly?

Expert installation - Are you good at plumbing yourself, or will you require someone who is qualified to do it for you? Expert installation can add quite a lot to the price, but there is less chance of you making a mistake and needing to make yet another replacement in the near future. Recommended for the inexperienced.

Feedback - Whilst it's easy to trust the manufacturers word about their products features let's not forget that they are out to make money too. That's why it's important to uncover the truth about its performance and capabilities through reading consumer feedback online. If there is a considerable number of people praising it, then that is certainly grounds for investigating further.

Wrapping up

Square toilets are quite unusual and can bring a touch of uniqueness to any bathroom. There may be questions arising about comfort versus other shapes, but on the whole, they contain a lot of the specs and flushing mechanisms that enable them to hold their own against the competition. As long as you stick to the guide above and read up on what customers are saying, you can't go far wrong.

As usual, we suggest our readers read our terminology guide, blog, and F.A.Q for updates and furthering your knowledge.