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Best Urinals of 2024

A good bathroom urinal can make an excellent addition to your washroom. They are hygienic and far more convenient for males in the household. But, even after knowing this, there is still plenty of features to consider before you buy.

From water usage and material, through to brand and price point, we've conducted extensive research into the specifications of the leading products in this market and rated them accordingly so you don't have to.

Top rated products

Image Product Flush GPF Bowl Rating? Review
Washdown 0.5 OF 85% Here
Washdown 1.0 OF 84% Here
Siphonic 0.5 / 1.0 OF 84% Here


TOTO UT104E#01 Washout

The UT104E comes from a reputable manufacturer and has received plenty of positive ratings online from consumers who have purchased it to date.

It features an open front shape bowl to catch liquid waste effectively, and is listed as being ADA compliant, ensuring it's more accessible for everyone in your home.

It operates on a washdown flush system, utilizing 0.5 gallons of water, which is considered as highly efficient in this industry. And will play a part in keeping water bills down for the household as a whole.

Additionally, the warranty policy included has you covered on a one year limited basis.

American Standard 6581.015.020 Maybrook

This comes from a well known brand who make numerous goods in the bathroom sector ranging from shower heads through to toilets. It's a name that gets plenty of positive feedback aacross the board which is something we always look for when researching. This particular product has several good things going for it that will ensure your bathroom visits are convenient and enjoyable.

Regarding the sink area, it's open front with a easy to clean surface that will help keep germs at bay. The washdow action utilizes 1.0 gallons of water to clear the bowl of liquid waste.

It comes with a 1-1/2" piece of tailpiece tubing to fit the spud outlet, but the flushing valve is not part of the package.

Overall, this could work well in a residential home. It's fairly efficient, and has what I see to be a fairly common theme with a mix of chrome and white alpin.

KOHLER Dexter K-5016-ET-0

This unit from the Dexter range operates on either a 1.0 or 0.5 gallons per flush depending on the valve used. It utilizes siphon jets to wash the bowl, and is noted as being made from a durable vitreous china material.

In design terms, there are several colors to choose from to handle the differing tastes of consumers. Black, white, biscuit, and almond are all options.

Users will have the choice to make it ADA compliant, which will be dependant on how high it's hung from the floor. To meet this criteria, you shouldn't be hanging it higher than seventeen inches.

It has a 3/4" top spud, and measures 14.5 by 13.5 by 20.4 inches. We would consider this to be categorized as mid tier as far as price is concerned.

An option worth looking into further, and a solid alternative to the two previously mentioned.

Comparison table

TOTO UT104E#01 Washout American Standard 6581.015.020 Maybrook KOHLER Dexter K-5016-ET-0
Type Wall Wall Wall
Flush HET Washout Siphonic
GPF 0.5 1.0 0.5 / 1.0
Bowl Open front Open front Open front
Color Cotton white White White
Dimensions 27 x 22 x 22" 12.8 x 12.8 x 18" 14.5 x 13.5 x 20.4"
Weight 34.5 lbs 34 lbs 37 lbs
Rating 85% 84% 84%

Advantages of home urinals

Aim accuracy - No longer will guys have to worry about there accuracy. Accidents can happen when men are tired or coming home from a night out. This eliminates that problem and your bathroom floor will thank you for it.

No more toilet seat arguments - Any bickering about whether men in the household should leave the seat up or down after use will be quickly forgotten.

Convenient - It's hard to argue against the convenience of standing up whilst urinating.

Hygiene - For people who like there washrooms spotless and bacteria free, this will help reduce the amount of cleaning required.

Items needed for installation

Most styles you come across whilst shopping will be wall hung urinals. But what exactly do you need before you can begin installing one? The main parts required a include the bowl, mounting hanger, flush valve, seal, caulk, and several tools such as a wrench, hammer, and screwdriver. Some things are sold separately, others as a package. It will vary from company to company, so ensure you read up on what's included.

Other considerations

Efficiency - Unlike standard toilets, you won't be needing extra flush performance to get rid of soli waste. Its only liquid waste being dealt with so the water usage and efficiency of products comes down significantly.

Type of urinal - There are several different types to keep an eye on. This in itself can be quite confusing. Waterless, stall, sensor, flat back, portable, trough, and floor mounted are all examples which can be purchased. Its important to decide which one best matches your bathrooms requirements.

Brand - The usual suspects of TOTO, American Standard, and KOHLER are always going to be there. However, there are several other manufacturers that are producing them too. These include Gerber, Zurn, Sloan, and Keramag. We recommend sticking with the companies that have large amounts of positive feedback for the best results.

Budget - If you've any experience in plumbing projects or DIY, you'll be fully aware of how quickly your money can dissapear if you don't budget effectively. As a rough figure to get you started, we believe two hundred bucks will get you a decent unit from a solid brand. Anything below the one hundred dollars mark and you should expect a lower quality in both durability and functionality.

Wrapping up

There is no doubt that men's urinals can benefit a modern residential setting. Whilst many people associate them with the commercial environment, there is still an increasing demand for using them at home thanks to the convenience of using them and how hygienic they are.

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