Toilet terminology


ADA - Refers to toilets meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Bidet - A piece of technology usually built into a seat that utilizes sprays to make cleaning up more convenient and hygienic.

Back flush - Waste removed from the bowl through a back waste outlet rather than a floor based one.


Comfort height - Taller, more accessible designs that are easier to sit down upon.

Concealed trapway - Refers to the trap being hidden with a skirted, smoother exterior for both looks and ease of maintenance.


EPA - Environmental protection agency. Often refers to loos that consume less water.


GPF - Gallons per flush. How much water is used to flush out waste from the bowl.


HET - High efficiency toilet. A product that uses smaller amounts of water.


KOHLER - Another respectable manufacturer in the industry, producing all kinds of bathroom fixtures and accessories.


Plunger - A tool used to unclog the pipes.


Rough in - A measurement from the wall to the center of the pipe outlet. 12" is seen as industry standard, but you also get 10" and 14" too.


TOTO - A well known brand name in the industry.

Touchless - Refers to a flushing mechanism that utilizes a electro magnetic field and sensors to activate the flush.


Upflush - A special type of flush that is used to pump waste upwards from below the sewage line. Good for temporary set ups, and for fitting bathrooms in unconventional places in the household.


Wall hung - Refers to toilets that are attached to the wall with no mounting fixtures or hardware on the floor. Also known as floating loos.

WaterSense - Refers to models with a GPF of 1.28 or less.

Waste outlet - The hole which the water and waste passes through.