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Niagara Toilet Reviews 2024

If you're looking for a good toilet to buy, then Niagara could be worth thinking about. They have some terrific designs and innovations that will really enhance the washroom, lowering water consumption and reducing the noise levels of each flush.

We've gathered together several products to analyze and rate features based on our own unique criteria. Hopefully this will increase the chances of finding a product that suits your homes needs.

Our ratings

Image Product Flush GPF Bowl Rating? Review
HET 0.8 Elongated 86% Here
Gravity 1.6 Round 85% Here


77001WHCO1 Stealth

Don't be fooled by the lower price tag, this model operates on a pressure assisted flush, and despite only utilizing 0.8 gallons of water, it retains a 800 MaP performance rating, which for those unaware, means it handles bulk waste well. 1000 Is the best, 0 the worst. In the majority of cases, we say anything above 600 grams is a sensible choice when it comes to performance.

And if we're talking about how efficient it is, this is up there with the top products in that respect. A 0.8 gallon flush is highly efficient and certainly meets EPA WaterSense criteria. Most WaterSense labelled units you come across whilst researching will hover around 1.28 gallons, so this is quite impressive.

Design wise, there isn't anything in particular that stands out. It's two piece, but does have an elongated shape bowl that meets the ADA height requirements for comfort and accessibility.

It's sometimes hard to gauge what people think about some units, with limited feedback available online. However, that doesn't appear to be the case here, with plenty of comments and feedback for you to read through to further your understanding about it.

22003WHCO1 EcoLogic

There is some similarities between this and its counterpart above. But at the same time some major differences too. The first thing we noticed when browsing through the specifications was how much more water it consumes. This may be a deal breaker for some people who are looking for that economically friendly option. However, there is some redeeming qualities if you fall into that category.

It's flapperless which eliminates the water refilling noise from the tank. In smaller, more confined spaces such noise can be a distraction and even irritating.

Again, it's got a higher rim height, making it a good choice for people with mobility issues, however, this one has a round bowl which is something we typically recommend for smaller washrooms.

It's inexpensive, but it will require you to buy a seat which can increase the price quite a bit depending on the style you choose.

Comparison table

77001WHCO1 Stealth 22003WHCO1 EcoLogic
Flush HET Gravity
GPF 0.8 1.6
Bowl Elongated Round
Comfort height
Color White White
Dimensions 28.9 x 18.8 x 31" 28.5 x 20.5 x 28.5"
Weight 103 lbs 51.8 lbs
Rating 86% 85%

About the brand

This is a company that has built up a reputation for water conservation and environmentally friendly products. The savings that can be made in comparison to many standard style flush systems is quite impressive. Innovations include EcoLogic technology, flapperless toilets, as well as stealth technology which is designed to reduce noise.


As mentioned previously, they are well known for producing products that save water and they have several innovations that help them achieve this.

Air transfer tube - Also known as a vacuum assist, this is designed to produce a much more powerful flush using fewer gallons. To break it down into simpler terms, water fills the tank, air gets sucked into the tube, which ensures the toilets trapway is pressurized. Upon flushing, the air located in the trap will also get pulled through the tube designed to push water through the bowl faster, achieving a strong flush with less.

Dual flush - Whilst not necessarily a new invention, dual flush mechanisms can be extremely efficient. And whilst many leading brands in the industries are happy with 1.28/1.6 GPF combinations, Niagara takes it to the next level, achieving just 0.5 gallons for a liquid flush.

Noise cancelling tanks - Something that comes up from time to time is the amount of noise made. Well, they address this too with noise reduction methods in the tank. The reason this works comes down to the amount of water used and the specially designed fill valve.

Flapperless - Prevents water leakage, equipped with a plastic plate which is designed to keep pressure equal through the seal.

Considerations before you buy

Rough in - If you have your previous models instruction manual, you may be able to see exactly what rough in size you need for a replacement. However, if this isn't possible, we have typed up a small guide to help you out.

Water surface area - The surface area at the bottom of the bowl has a role to play. As a general rule of thumb, the wider this surface area, the better job it does in keeping bad smelling odors down. Ensuring you have a cleaner feeling, hygienic bathroom to enter after use.

Mounting style - How you mount your toilet will depend entirely on circumstances and preferences. For example, fans of wall hanging and carrier options will need a specific set up in place which enables you to place the tank inside your wall. They look great, but there is a fair amount of work involved with such an installation. Then you have the more traditional floor mounted options. This is the sensible route to take for most consumers because there is a more variety in flushing styles and performance.

Through floor or out back? - Do you require waste to flow through the floor, or through the back. There are options for both available, but the floor based ones are the most in demand. However, rear flushing units may also be a suitable option depending on your set up.

Wrapping up

This Niagara toilet buying guide above should ease you through the decision making process. Keep the main considerations at the front of your mind whilst shopping and you'll have a much better chance of finding a product that you're happy with. Overall, it's a good brand, with plenty of variety along with several options for people not wanting to spend too much.

The following reading material can be used to further your knowledge. The terminology page will aid you in understanding the phrases both plumbers and manufacturers like to use. Then we have a section dedicated to frequently asked questions. Which is essentially where people just like you find solutions and answers to their queries.