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Best Raised Toilet Seats of 2021

We've spent time researching some of the top raised toilet seats on the market. After looking at the typical features included and common problems, we've been able to hand pick a products that stand out from the crowd based on several reasons. Our research criteria that help us come to this conclusions includes information related to material used, height, shape, dimensions, ease of installation, brand name, and consumer feedback. By compiling all these details below, we hope readers will be able to make comparisons that will help them decide whether a particular product is right for their bathroom.

Top rated products

Image Product Material Rating Review
Polyethylene 85% Here
Plastic 85% Here
Plastic 85% Here


HealthSmart Portable

For those buyers looking for something simple that does the job well, the HealthSmart could be a great fit. It adds an extra five inches of height to your bowl, and is described as able to fit most standard bowls.

It comes with four non slip pads, looking after the users health and safety and ensuring it doesn't slip off causing unecessary injuries.

You will find many manufacturers offer a weight capacity for their products, and this is no different, with a 250 lb max weight limit.

Made in polyethyline for both durability and the simplicity in washing it.

But perhaps its best feature is that it requires zero assembly. It's ready to go out of the box. No need to install rails and so on.

AquaSense 770-610

The AquaSense 770-610 is one of the most popular toilet seat risers with consumers. If customer feedback is anything to go by, we can assume the majority of buyers are happy with their purchase. But why is this?

The simplicity of its design could arguably one of the key reasons. It's portable, fits most shapes, and strong rolled into one. In fact, this one surpasses the HealthSmart in strength and sturdiness, with a 400 lbs maximum weight recommendation.

In terms of basic specs regarding the extra height, this will add four inches, making getting seated easier and less stressful on users joints.

Overall, the feedback and ratings received is a clear indication of the quality provided. Not only that, but it's affordable for people on a low budget.

Vive LVA1071S with handles

The LVA1071S offers some great weight supporting handles to improve access that little bit more. Sitting and standing neednt be difficult, and fixtures like this well certainly help take some pressure of the body.

This particular model is a standard size, however, you do get the option of an elongated shape too. This will come down to what your current bowl shape is.

Users will no doubt appreciate the extra three and a half inches height provided, and the strong construction which can handle user weight up to 300 pounds.

The handles are padded and designed to be comfortable as you put more weight on them. Should you not wish to use the arms, they are easily removable too.

A great product which is simple to install and has had plenty of praise around the web.

Comparison table

HealthSmart Portable AquaSense 770-610 Vive LVA1071S
Material Polyethylene Plastic Plastic
Color White White White
Dimensions 16 x 6 x 15.2" 15 x 15 x 4" 18.4 x 14.8 x 8.3"
Weight 3.3 lbs 1.54 lbs 5.6 lbs
Rating 85% 85% 85%

Who are they for?

Toilet seat extenders have many use cases. The added height they have could be a perfect solution for homeowners wanting to make their bathroom more accessible for the elderly or infirm.

Why use one?

The main benefit in installing one is to help people with joint and mobility issues from putting to much stress on their body. The sitting down and standing up motion can certainly be difficult for some people, and in some cases uncomfortable. Additional fixtures such as these make life easier by reducing the distance to get from standing to seated position. There will be less chance of over exertion.

Considerations before you buy

Size - Rushing into a decision and getting the wrong shape or size will be frustrating. Make sure you understand the dimensions required by your bowl, and whether it's a round front or elongated.

Theme - Think about the color themes used within the bathroom. Do the tiles, walls, ceiling, and other hardware match the product your aiming to get? We recommend sticking with brighter colors as they tend to feel more inviting.

Ease of maintenance - You may need to search through the various specifications to learn this, but how easy is it to maintain and remove from the bowl. Some products have quick release features for convenience. This also makes it simpler to clean too.

Brand - We know about the best toilet manufacturers, but what about the companies that make the seats? Vaunn, Vive, Lumex, and Carex are jjust a few of the names we've found whilst exploring. Whilst the brands may not be as recognizable as those that build the sanitary ware, the consumer feedback on each doesn't lie, and that's something you should be reading up on to get a feeling of individual product quality.

Handles or no handles? - Some models come equipped with arms either side for which you can take some of the weight of your body as you sit and stand. Because of the added complexity of these options, they tend to be slightly more expensive.

Portable or permanent? - Think about who is using the toilet and how often. Is this something that will need to be portable and easily moved? Or is it getting put in a household where the main usage will require one. There are some excellent portable and more permanent options out there.

Wrapping up

Whatever name they go by, these are medical toilet seats and are a great choice for people requiring better access to their lavatory. It's a simple design concept, but one that can improve the day to day lives of many.

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