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Best 10 inch rough in toilets of 2024

If you've landed on this page, you may have already used our measurement guide to determine you need to find a toilet with a ten inch rough in.

With countless hours dedicated to researching some of the top toilets on the market, we have singled out several options that form the list below. Among them, are products which will meet your specific sizing requirements, as well as having good flushing performance and contemporary design features.

Our ratings

Image Product Rating


Toto CST412MF.10#01 Aquia

This is a product from TOTO which gives people the choice of picking between a lower water consumption (0.9 GPF), or a standard flush of 1.6 GPF. It does this by utilizing a dual flush mechanism. The lesser amount is designed to rid the bowl of liquid waste, and the other, solids. This will ensure you make plenty of water savings over the course of a year. The flush mechanism is operated by the simple push of a button on top of the tank.

It's got the contemporary, one piece style, finsihed in a nice bright cotton white color. This is a look for those wanting a fresher, brighter, and cleaner bathroom feel.

The bowl is elongated, which is usually aimed towards shoppers wanting more comfort. This will combine well with the universal height specifications, to ensure the toilet is more accessible for people of all abilities and ages.

It falls into what we consider the mid budget range, which, judging from the feature list and what consumers are saying about it, seems about right.

American Standard 221DB.104.020 Colony

The 221db.104.020 comes from the Colony range of AS, and is a unit which caught our eye through being affordably priced, within the majority of consumers budget.

However, just because it's inexpensive, we shouldn't discount its features. Some of the more notable ones include a 1.28 gallon usage in each flush, which fits WaterSense criteria, and will limit excess water usage.

The exterior is pretty basic, with an oval / rounded bowl, and a good color choice for people with modern bathrooms.

Then when you consider the vitreous china materials used in construction alongside the power wash rims, you can expect cleaning to be a breeze.

Overall, not a world beating option, but will get the job done for those not looking to spend too much money on upgrading. However, potential buyers should note that the seat is not included.

Kohler K-3889-0 Highline

A sensible option for fans of two piece structures, could be the K-3889-0 from the Highline range of the KOHLER brand. Whilst not the cheapest unit in the toilet industry, it does offer some features that allows it to go toe to toe with several of its competitors.

Among these, the right height spec, which ensures the seating level is akin to that of a chair, which will make getting up and sitting down easier. Which also helps it meet ADA criteria.

Then, like the AS model above, you can expect decent water conservation through a 1.28, environmentally friendly GPF. This operates through a single, gravity fed flush mechanism. According to the manufacturer, this can help you save up to sixteen and a half thousand gallons each year compared with some other products.

For those of you working with a mid range budget, and wanting good waste flushing performance, this should be considered.

American Standard 270DB101.020 Cadet 3

Equipped with a round front bowl, this product from the Cadet 3 range will work well in an environment where space is precious, measuring 26.2 by 17 by 29.1 inches.

Noted as having a highly efficient flush, this is a model to consider for those of you looking to make plenty of savings on water bills. It will use up to 1.28 gallons in a single flush which works well with its oversized, three inch trapway.

Perhaps something that can be overlooked is how easy individual units are to clean and maintain. This one comes with a special antimicrobial finish that helps ward off bacteria and odors. Coupled with its vitreous china construction, you have a product that is low maintenance, and simple to clean.

Keep in mind that although the toilet itself is affordable, you will have to purchase the seat separately, which is something several manufacturers do and can catch consumers off guard.

Sterling 402512-0 Riverton

This model from Sterling plumbing packs a nice two piece design with a well crafted elongated bowl.

Not quite up to par with several of its competitors flushing mechanism because it uses the standard 1.6 gallons per flush over efficiency, but it makes up for that in other areas. One of these areas is the simple installation process that involves three bolts to attach.

Design wise, it has a unique tank style which includes ridged edges, but at the same time keeps hold of a contemporary style with plenty of rounded edges.

It sits in the lower to mid tier budget range, making it an affordable solution.

The five years limited warranty isn't too bad compared to several other units, however you should note that this doesn't come with a seat.

Top 5 Comparison table

KOHLER K-3889-0 TOTO CST412MF.10#01 American Standard 221DB.104.020 American Standard 270DB101.020 Sterling 402512-0 Riverton
Type Two piece Two piece Two piece Two piece Two piece
Flush Gravity Dual HET HET Gravity
GPF 1.28 1.6 1.28 1.28 1.6
Bowl Elongated Elongated Round Round Elongated
Comfort height
Color White Cotton White White White
Dimensions 31.2 x 29.5 x 18" 30.8 x 17.5 x 20.5" 25.8 x 18.7 x 29.5" 26.2 x 17 x 29.1" 29.2 x 18.5 x 29"
Weight 93 lbs 135.8 lbs 74 lbs 55 lbs 22.6 lbs
Rating 86% 85% 84% 83% 82%

Considerations before you buy

As with many household products, you should take due dilligance to ensure that it will meet your needs. Here are a few things to keep tabs on before you get your wallet out.

Water consumption - You will no doubt come across all kinds of flush types in your research. But the most common is the 1.6 gallon units. This is referred to as standard however, you can find plenty of options in the industry that will consume significantly less water. This could be in the form of dual flush, which offers a people choice between 0.8 and 1.28 GPF. They are generally referred to as high efficiency, and certainly do their part for the environment, while at the same time keeping household bills down.

Bowl height - We can generally put toielt heights into two main categories. The first being of the traditional, standard height at around fifteen to sixteen inches. The second known as comfort height, will be slightly taller at seventeen to nineteen inches. The purpose of manufacturers designing taller options is to make them more accessible and meet ADA criteria. They are usually easier to get up and sit down upon too.

Bowl shape - This is not always something consumers will be looking out for, but we believe it's an important feature as it will ultimately play an important role where both comfort and space is concerned. Round options are known as being the go to option for those home owners with smaller bathrooms as they have a reduced footprint. While elongated are seen as the more comfortable option with your legs positioned more naturally whilst seated. You can also look at the exterior as a whole and go with a more standard design that shows the trapway, or one that's skirted.

Color and finish - The color you choose is going to have an impact on the look and feel of the room. We recommend going for a brighter color that works well with sunlight and well lit rooms. Thankfully, the top brands tend to agree with this too with the majority of colors being white, and cotton. Moving onto the finish, something like Everclean surfaces that are glazed will be sufficient because they are much easier to clean.

Budget - You will see a big difference in price tags whilst investigating the various models available. We suggest setting yourself a budget before you begin shopping as it will make it easier to filter out ones that don't meet your own criteria. Usually, the mjority of loos fall into the under 400 dollars price band, and it's here that most buyers will find a suitable match. However, if you're looking for something cheaper, there are a fair amount that can be found for below 200 dollars. This will ultimately come down to your personal financial situation, but there are units to meet all needs. But be aware that by going for a low cost option, you will be sacrificing performance.

Brand - Despite what others may think, the brand name should play an important role in your decision. You should be thinking about which ones are reputable, and which options are lesser known. Check out our Mansfield, and Gerber buying guides for more information.

Customer feedback - As with many products purchased online, you often get a chance to provide feedback through the form of reviews. There are plenty of shops around that allow you to analyze feedback from others on specific models for any potential flaws, or information on where it excels. This will give you a brief insight into a priducts overall quality, which is always welcome.

Wrapping up

Although 10" is not strictly seen as the traditional or most common size, there are still plenty of older homes that require a smaller fit than that of the standard twelve inches. However, buyers should also be aware that they are less in demand meaning the amount of choice in functionality is not comparable to the standard.

But by looking through several of our top rated 10" rough in toilets above, there is still plenty of quality to be found, with variety in shape, water consumption, and flush styles to meet the needs of a modern household.

If after reading this you have some questions, check out our FAQ to see a list of questions we have already answered.