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The Best 12 inch rough in toilets of 2024

A 12" rough is seen as the standard size in the industry and probably the most common one you will come across whilst shopping. The reason being is that many households are already set up that way. However, it's important to understand what your size is. That's why we've written up a measurement guide to help you determine this.

If you've done the basics and understand your requirements, then read on to see our picks ranked below, based on various criteria ranging from flush mechanism, trapway, bowl, water consumption and much more.

Top rated products

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From gallon usage and brand, through to price and design, there are plenty of things to think about before spending your hard earned cash. The reviewed products below will hopefully answer many queries people may have about them.

American Standard 270BA001.222 Cadet 3

This product from the AS brand features a "Right Height" toilet bowl, which as many of you will know, is compliant with ADA criteria and ultimately makes it more accessible to the masses. Getting seated and standing up after use will be easier on your joints and muscles. The actual height of the rim is 16.5 inches.

It features a three inch flush valve, and comes with a surface known as Ever Clean, which is antimicrobial and will help keep bacteria and mold at bay. Cleaning up and maintainence becomes easier with such things.

It's a two piece style which means the bowl and tank are separated, and includes a round front bowl.

Equipped with a gravity style, siphon action flush that may not be as economically friendly as its WaterSense counterparts, but it is high performance with a 1000 MaP rating.

The linen color coupled with the shape and design offer a simpler, but minimalistic feel. Be aware that this model doesn't come with a seat which may of been an otherwise unforseen cost.

TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake

The CST744SL#01 operates on a gravity fed, G-Max flush and comes from the popular Drake range of TOTO. The trip lever, located on the side of its tank will send 1.6 gallons of water through its bowl to clean it of waste. The performance rating of 1000 by MaP highlights the effectiveness of its flush. 0 being the lowest, 1000 the highest.

Once more, this is an ADA compliant model, meaning the rim height plus the seat will be taller than your standard toilet. A more accessble option for everyone in the household plus visitors as the distance to a seated position is reduced.

The surface area of water in the bowl measures at 10-3/8 by 8-1/4 inches which will help keep odors down.

It's finished in a cotton white color, and has a bowl which comes in a elongated front style. To give you an idea of the amount of space requirements, its footprint is 28 by 19.5 by 30.5 inches.

If consumer feedback is anything to go by, this is one to think about. Plenty of positive things are being said about it, which currently far outweighs the negatives.

TOTO CST474CEFG#12 Vespin II

The Vespin II is a high efficiency loo which means that it utilizes considerably less water when flushing, saving you money on bills each month as well as reducing the possible environmental impacts. The actual figure stands at 1.28 gallons, which makes it fit WaterSense criteria as outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The mechanism used is gravity based and it operates on a double cyclone system which produces a strong flush leaving the bowl clean and hygienic.

The bowl is universal height measuring to 16.25 inches in height, with the addition of a seat, this adds a little extra. It's also elongated leaving plenty of leg room for comfort and comes coated in SanaGloss allowing water to effectively clean it and reduce staining and bacterial build up.

Should you wish to, you do have the option to change it to 10" or 14" by using these parts: TSU01W.10R or TSU01W.14R. Both of which will need to be bought separately.

Overall, this comes from a reputable brand, and has several features within the specs that can make it a great upgrade for your bathroom.

Sterling 402076-0 Stinson

Sterling are a brand that is owned by KOHLER, which has received plenty of feedback across the web for not only its bathroom fixtures, but also things like kitchen sink fittings.

This model is from the Stinson range and it contains several features that could make it a smart choice for people working with a smaller budget.

Something we always consider when first looking into the specs is efficiency. How efficient a product is plays an important role in our reasearch and can help users make savings each year. When you think about the bathroom as being the place in the home that accounts for the majority of water usage, this can play a significant part in reducing it with a 1.28 gallon flush that is siphonic and will effectively remove waste from the bowl.

It's got decently sized water surface area measuring nine by eight inches will help reduce odors, and improve hygiene.

A noticeable feature of the bowl is that the along the rim there is an extension which allows people to enjoy a more relaxing, comfortable position whilst sitting down.

This is one to keep tabs on if you don't have a particularly large budget.

Comparison table

The amount of competition in this industry can make picking the right product difficult. We aim to make things a little bit easier for you by comparing specific models with their competitors below.

American Standard 270BA001.222 Cadet 3 TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake TOTO CST474CEFG#12 Vespin II Sterling 402076-0 Stinson
Type Two piece Two piece Two piece Two piece
Flush Gravity Gravity HET HET
GPF 1.6 1.6 1.28 1.28
Bowl Round front Elongated front Elongated Elongated
Comfort height
Color Linen Cotton white Sedona Beige White
Dimensions 28.2 x 17.2 x 30.2" 28 x 19.5 x 30.5" 30.2 x 16.8 x 22" 29 x 17.8 x 28"
Weight 88 lbs 92 lbs 107 lbs 70 lbs
Rating 88% 88% 87% 85%

Other considerations before you buy

Some people make the mistake of diving straight in at the deep end and buying something without enough knowledge about the specifications and overall functionality of the product. We want to prevent this by listing out what you should be taking into consideration before you choose a toilet that's right for you home.

Brand - We all know about the big brands like AS, Kohler and TOTO in this industry. but have you given any thought to other options like Gerber or Mansfield? There are some solid products waiting to be discovered if you move away from the big names. And whilst we do recommend going with these companies, why limit your research only to them? You can only understand a models quality by seeing what else the market offers.

Flushing mechanism - Toilets have come a long way in both design and flush technology. No longer are we limited to single flush. You can choose how much water you consume with a dual flush system, be completely hands hfree, or even utilizing a macerator pump for basement lavatories. Be sure to take time looking at each style and think about which is most likely to meet your bathroom and households requirements.

Budget - It's so easy, especially when shopping online, to spend more than you wanted to. The extras and deals that are offered can certainly be tempting. However, it can all add up quickly, and you should really think about setting yourself a budget before you begin. There are three main tiers that we look at. The first one being the low budget, typically found at around or below the 200 dollars mark.Then there is the mid tier range where the majority of products tend to be found which sits at 400 and under. Then finally, the highest tier, at around 600 and below. These are generally seen as high performance products and are usually equipped with durable designs and solid bulk waste performance.

Consumer feedback - Looking at what consumers are saying around the web is a sensible step to take before purchasing anything. It's usually here that you get an insight into whether people are happy with their products or if it came with any flaws. Use these reviews to your advantage as they can save you running into a lot of problems in the future.

Space consumption - Not everyone has a large amount of floor space to work with. Measure the room and think about how much leg space would be required when seated. You can find space saving toilets that are designed for this purpose.

Waste outlet - The outlet through which waste passes will give you two main choices, the first being out the back, and the other through the floor. What you go with will depend on how the plumbing lines are set up in your home.

Mount - The two main choices you get when shopping will be either the standard floor mounted units, which will undoubtedly be the most common, and the in wall toilet which is arguably a far more aesthetic way to set things up due to the tank being hidden behind the wall.

Wrapping up

Picking a toilet with a 12" rough isn't necessarily the easiest of tasks. You may have the correct size, but after that, there are a number of essential specs and features that need to be taken into account to avoide buyers remorse. Be sure to look into the points we've made above in your research, and you have a better chance of finding a product that works for you.

If you're interested in reading more, why not check out our other articles through the menu on the right hand side. You can also gain a better understanding of the terms used, or find answers through our F.A.Q section.