How to unblock a toilet

It doesn't matter about the type of toilet you own, be it back outlet, or low flush, Backed up toilets can present a multitude of problems. By following the steps below, you'll be able to unclog them with minimal damage.

Step one - The plunger

Step one is the sensible option to start with. The plunger was made for a reason, so put it to good use by pressing it in and out. In most cases, this will be sufficient, however, it can get a bit messy with splashing depending on the water levels and how vigorously you plunge. So be sure to clean up any splashes afterwards to keep hygiene standards high and odors minimal.

Step two - Plumbing snake

In the unlikely scenario the plunger doesn't work for you, your next course of action is to purchase a plumbing snake. This is essentially a long metal wire specifically designed to be threaded through the plumbing in order to reach those clogs that are harder to reach and out of view. In most cases, these snakes will be equipped with a screw tip so that when you encounter the blockage, you can simply twist it and pull it all apart easier.

Step three - Alternate method

If what we've suggested above doesn't work for you, or you simply don't have either a snake or plunger at hand, this could be a method that works for you.

Pour something soapy like shampoo or dish soap into the bowl. Follow this up with pouring around a gallon of hot water in after and let it sit for several minutes.

According to Huffington Post, this should eventually help with one of two things. Either the blockage will be able to slide through the waste outlet easier, or the toilet paper that's causing the block willl begin to break up.

What not to do

To avoid problems from occuring, we've put together a short list of things you should avoid doing.

Alien objects - Don't put things down the loo that aren't supposed to be flushed down. They are not designed to handle it.

Chemicals - Some people choose to take matters into their own hands and utilize a variety of different chemicals to try and fix it. Of course, there are products out there that will certainly work in your favor, but there are also ones that can cause unnecessary damage like corrosion. They can also take a lot longer to work.

Wrapping up

If you're still struggling after attempting all of the steps above, it may be that you need to take the loo apart to physically find out what's causing it.

When blockages are becoming all too common in your bathroom, why not take your pick from this list for more powerful option. Pressure assisted are good choices, with great flushing performance.

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