How to find a good plumber

If you've spent time reading our guide to buying a new toilet, you should now have a rough idea of which model you require. If that's the case, then it's time to make preparations for installing it.

I've seen and heard plenty of horror stories from people who've spent a fortune on hiring a plumber, only to see themselves dissapointed with the work carried out. Sometimes, it can cost more just to fix the damage done. So to help out our readers, we're going to provide a short list of things to consider before you part with your money.

Write down a list of your local plumbing professionals - You can find these through a phone book, or with a search on Google, or even directories such as Houzz. Note down their phone numbers, company name, and web addresses.

Look at feedback online - Customer reviews should play an important part in deciding whether to proceed or not. It's important to look at both low star ratings as well as high on sites like trustpilot to give yourself a balanced view of the services they have offered to date. Anything lower than three stars with above ten people leaving feedback we would suggest moving onto the next company.

License and insurance - So you've filtered out some of the plumbing contractors with too many negative reviews, the next step is to ensure they are licensed and insured in the event something goes wrong. Not every state requires licensing, but for the ones that do, it's best to look into whether or not they're licensed.

Experience - Something that should always be factored into the decision is how long they have been operating in the industry, be it individually or as a company. The longer the better. People who've spent time and money building a brand and relationships with their customers aren't going to dissapear overnight.

Compare prices - From the list of contractors remaining, get a quote and ask them to give you a rough timescale for work completion. The cheapest isn't always the right choice. But having filtered out a number of businesses, the choice becomes much simpler.

Warranty policy - Most plumbers will provide warranty on work carried out. There is no real reason for them not to, unless they're not confident in their skills. If they don't offer warranty, it's time to find someone else.