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KOHLER Wellworth Toilet Review 2021

Out of the many toilet manufacturers we've reviewed, Kohler remains one of our favorites. This is partly down to their flushing performance, and partly because of their contemporary themes.

The K-3987 from the Wellworth collection has several advantages over its competitors. Today, we look at each of them and get a better understanding of its performance, design, efficiency, and much more.

Our ratings

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The K-3987 is a two piece unit. The tank and bowl are seaparated upon delivery and will need to be fitted either by you or a hired plumbing professional. The tank has a trip lever on the side, and the bowl is round front, which ensures it doesn't protrude as far from the wall as its elongated counterparts. This makes it a potential solution for compact bathrooms.

The class five dual flush system utilizes two different quantities of water. Users will be able to use less water to handle liquid waste. This prevents you from wasting water. The actual gallons per flush used is 1.1 for the partial flush, and 1.6 for the full one.

It has a 2-1/8" trapway that's fully glazed, ensuring waste doesn't stick to the surface leaving stains and bacteria behind.

If you're after a color theme that's a bit different to the standard white, you can also find it in biscuit, black, and almond.

Considerations before you buy

Rough in - Consumers should know what their rough in size is. Our easy to follow guide shows you how to measure this yourself. Most of you will find that a twelve inch rough is suitable, but it still needs to be measured, as both fourteen and ten inch sizes are still fairly common. Some brands and products can use an adapter like the UniFit to their advantage.

Gloss / Glaze - The gloss coated over the ceramic is designed to stop bacterial growth, smells, staining, scratching, and generic damage to the china. It can also help smooth over the surface, ensuring the flushing mechanism achieves a cleaner, more effective rinse of the bowl.

Alternative ranges - If you're not yet sure whether this collection is the right choice for your home, why not check out our articles about the Highline, Persuade, Memoirs, Kathryn, Cimarron, Devonshire, and Santa Rosa ranges. Individually, they have pros and cons over one another, so it's important to understand and explore what those are before making a decision.

Mounting - Most people shopping for a toilet will require one that mounts to the floor. However, there are alternative wall hanging styles that cater to people with more unique tastes.

Consumer feedback - Look for any obvious issues and complaints from customers. Avoid anything with too many negative reviews, and make sure you read both the good and the bad comments for a fair and balanced overview of a products capabilities and performance.

Wrapping up

The Wellworth could work well as an upgrade for a residential bathroom. The dual flush system helps it conserve water, while at the same time having the class five performance found in heavier GPF rates. What's more, compared with many others on the market, it's reasonably affordable.