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Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review 2021

We like toilets made by Kohler. After spending time researching into each of the different products they offer, we found that strong flushing performance seems to be a common theme. They also have some beautiful designs that can add a unique touch to your bathroom.

This also applies to the Memoirs collection. This is a stylish unit, that utilizes AquaPiston technology to rinse 360 degrees around the bowl. Today, we analyze its top features from the spec sheet, to help you decide if it's right for you.

Our ratings

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The K-6669 has a refreshing external design. It's aesthetic, and has ridges on both the tank and bowl, with the trapway hidden from view. The chrome trip lever is located on the front of the tank, and it's finished in white, although consumers can find it in biscuit, almond, dune, ice grey, sandbar, and even black.

This is a highly efficient toilet, using just 1.28 gallons per flush and operating on AquaPiston technology which ensures water flows through the bowl from every angle. Leaving nowhere for bacteria to hide.

It's comfort height, relieving a bit of the stress put on the body when sitting and standing. The height to the rim is sixteen and a half inches, but with a seat, this will measure above ther seventeen inches required for ADA status.

It's designed for floor based waste outlets and the tank and bowl come separately, meaning they will need to be attached together during the installation process. However, this becomes less time consuming through thanks to the three bolt installation.

The rough in size is twelve inches, and it measures 31.4 x 28.2 x 20.1 inches.

Considerations before you buy

Type of flush activation - Choose between buttons, a trip lever, or touchless activation. Buttons are often found on dual flushing mechanisms, and are the majority of the time located on top of the tank where it is easy to access and use. Trip levers are seen as the standard, and most common of the three. And touchless utilize infrared technology and sensors to flush automatically once you float your hand above it. Different washroom installations call for different activation methods, but it's important to know what's available to you.

Space available - The size of your washroom is extremely important. This will effect a number of things, not just the dimensions you require, but also the bowl shape. If you've got a rather small bathroom, you'll want to get a round bowl in most cases, as the length from the wall is reduced, giving users more leg room out in front.

Water surface - The water surface size in terms of total area covered at the bottom of the bowl plays an important part in fighting to keep odors down. The larger it is, the more effective it is at doing so. However, there is a fine line between getting large water surface area, and getting something so big that it effects performance and sits too high in the bowl where splashing becomes a problem. To find this information, most manufacturers include this on their spec sheets.

Other ranges from Kohler - You may of already made your decision. However, it's sensible to look at some of the alternatives they offer such as Wellworth, Persuade, Kathryn, Highline, Devonshire, and Cimarron.

Wrapping up

The Memoirs toilet could be described as having a bit more of a traditional exterior. It includes a unique tank and bowl combo that looks great, and meets ADA standards for user comfort and accessibility. This could be a smart upgrade for your bathroom.