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KOHLER San Souci Toilet Review

Our KOHLER toilet buying guide presents readers with a list of our top picks based on countless hours of research into individual units capabilities, design, flush performance, and much more. As you may know, the K-4007-0 made that list with some great features built into it. We outline the main specifications below to help you determine whether or not it will be suitable for your bathroom.

Spec overview

Image Product Flush GPF Bowl Rating?
HET 1.28 Round front 87%


Rough in - This is a 12 inch rough in product. Before you decide to part with any cash or make any purchases, you really need to gain an understanding of what your own measurement is. We show you how to do that here.

One piece - There is something more presentable and aesthetic about the good one piece toilets on the market. The convenience of such a design means that the tank and bowl are joined together as a package, rather than separated like their two piece competitors.

Flush performance - Utilizes single, gravity fed, AquaPiston technology, which ultimately means that water gets sent into the bowl from all directions, covering more area, leaving it cleaner after use. In fact, the MaP performance rating lists it at 1000 which is effectively the highest you can get on their scale. That's a good sign.

Water usage - If you're looking for a unit which reduces the amount of water per flush, then this could be a viable solution. Once the trip lever is pressed, 1.28 gallons, which makes it a WaterSense product, flows through the bowl. Economically, they are a sound investment with plenty of water and dollar bills being saved each year. By some estimates, this can be up to twenty percent savings or more dependent on your current set up.

Bowl - Includes a round front bowl that cuts back on the amount of space taken up, ensuring users get more leg room whilst seated in smaller bathrooms.

Design - It's got a unique, low profile design that minimizes the overall footprint. Includes stylish curves on the tank and plenty of smooth surfaces adding a minimalistic, but modern feel to it. The other advantage to having a streamlines and smooth style mean that cleaning tasks are less time consuming and there are less hard to get to areas like nook, and crannies, which can quite easily become a safe harbor for bacterial growth as well as mold. The trip lever is of the standard variation, and is located on the side of its tank. And whilst white tends to be the go to color choice for many, there is the availability of more unique colors for the style conscious.

Seat - It's equipped with a quiet close seat and lid, which we so often see as an additional expense pushed on consumers by manufacturers. The advantage of this is that you know what your end spend is going to be and whether or not it fits your budget.

How does it compare to other toilets?

K-4007-0 San Souci K-3810-0 Santa Rosa K-3979-96 Highline
Flush HET HET Gravity
GPF 1.28 1.28 1.6
Bowl Round front Elongated Elongated
Comfort height
Color White White Biscuit
Dimensions 25.6 x 16.8 x 24.2" 31 x 20.8 x 29" 31.2 x 29.8 x 18"
Weight 92 lbs 102 lbs 93 lbs
Rating 87% 86% 87%

Considerations before you buy

Accessibility - Deciding whether or not to meet ADA standards is something you should be exploring. Some people will need something bigger or taller stand standard height toilet bowls. Which is all about how accessible they are for people who could have a disability, or just in rehabilitation from an injury. The additional height can make all the difference. Generally these are seventeen inches and above, and can be labelled as comfort or universal height as its sometimes known.

Budget - Many home owners won't just be shopping for a new toilet, in many cases they will be doing up the whole room including the floor, tiles, shower, lighting, and a lick of paint too. All this can squeeze the funds out of your wallet quickly. That's why it's a sensible choice to set yourself a budget for each individual fixture or piece of hardware before you begin. Not taking account of such things can cost you later down the line.

Space availability - Think about how much floor space you've got in your bathroom. Do you really require a compact design, or will something bigger, but comfortable be a better option? These are questions for you to answer, as a small design can look rather silly in a large room.

Wrapping up

The K-4007-0 toilet could be exactly what you've been looking for. We think it can serve multiple purposes in a residential setting, but it will probably excel most of all in smaller washrooms with limited space avaiable to you. The round front bowl, and low profile style make it a good bet for that sort of scenario.

If you've read this guide and you still haven't come to a decision, why not check out our top picks list. This may give you an important inisght into how it holds up against other brand names. Alternatively, you can keep yourself informed further by reading up about the various terms used in this industry and what they mean and the FAQ section. Educating yourself in this manner will lessen the likelihood that you make mistakes when shopping.