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KOHLER Santa Rosa Toilet Review

The K-3810-0 made the best KOHLER toilets list thanks to it including a great range of features that make it an ideal option to use in a residential setting. But what exactly is written in the specification? And does it hold its own against the competition? We aim to answer these questions below with an in depth look into the design, flush mechanism, power, and efficiency, alongside a small comparison table indentifying areas it excels and where it's found wanting.

Spec overview

Image Product Flush GPF Bowl Rating?
HET 1.28 Elongated 86%


Whenever we look to undertake detailed toilet comparisons and analysis, there is always a set of criteria we use to help us understand a bit more about the overall quality of a product. This involves marking up and giving a rating to various features including the type, flush, bowl, GPF, brand, design, seat, comfort, warranty, and value for money. We do our best to compile as much of this information as possible and give them a mark out of 100. We highlight several of these things below.

Efficient - For some, the efficiency levels of a toilet can be just as important as the design and flush system. Not just for any potential tax rebates that are associated with that, but also for doing their part for the environment too. This unit falls into this category, using just 1.28 gallons of water, and meeting the EPA's WaterSense requirements. To help you visualize the savings made, manufacturers believe the actual figure is up to sixteen and a half thousand gallons per year.

Flush mechanism - The type of flush system built in is going to have a significant effect on its ability to push waste through the outlet effectively. This one operates on gravity fed, AquaPiston technology that generates top level (1000 grams) flushing performance according to MaP tests carried out. So powerful yet low amounts of water being consumed, a good mix.

Bowl - Two things of importance when looking at bowls. The first is the shape, which will ultimately be a major factor in how comfortable you feel whilst seated. This one happens to have a elongated shaped bowl which is usually a sensible choice for those wanting to feel more at ease and relaxed when seated. The second thing is the bowls height. More and more manufacturers are producing taller toilets, and that's the case here too as it's being labelled comfort height. The idea behind this sort of design is to provide people with a far more accessible seated height, meeting the needs of not only the able, but also the disabled. Ultimately this is marketed as chair like seating which makes getting on and off the toilet simpler for everyone.

Design - It's one piece, meaning that the tank and bowl are joined leaving no gap between them removing the need attach them to one another like you would with two piece styles. It's finished in a bright white, and is reasonably compact despite being elongated. The actual dimensions are as follows: 31 by 20.8 by 29 inches. So if you have a small bathroom, this could be an option.

Seat - Unlike several other products on the market, this comes with the toilet seat and lid included, cutting down on unexpected, additional expenses for buyers.

How does it compare to other toilets?

K-3810-0 Santa Rosa K-4007-0 San Souci K-9979-96 Highline
Flush HET HET Gravity
GPF 1.28 1.28 1.6
Bowl Elongated Round front Elongated
Comfort height
Color White White Biscuit
Dimensions 31 x 20.8 x 29" 25.6 x 16.8 x 24.2" 31.2 x 29.8 x 18"
Weight 102 lbs 92 lbs 93 lbs
Rating 86% 87% 87%

Considerations before you buy

Rough in - In preparation for your purchase, you should know what rough in size you require before you start shopping. We have a guide for that here which containing everything you need to know. This particular model fits the standard 12 inch size.

Budget - Never spend more than you can afford. Especially when you're looking to renovate other areas of your home. It can add up really quickly if you're not careful. In most cases 300 to 500 dollars will be sufficient funds to get yourself a decent toilet, regardless of the make or model. Just watch out for the cheeky upsells companies have like when seats aren't included or the lid.

Consumer reports - Checking out customer feedback should play a essential part of your research process. You can often weed out the good products from the bad by simply reading some of the experiences others have had. It's a simple tactic, but something that can help prevent buyers remorse.

Wrapping up

We consider the K-3810-0 to be a solid option for home use. The ratings from customers across the web are generally positive, which is backed up by our own exploration into its capabilities. The ability to effectively send 1000 grams through the outlet, whilst remaining ECO friendly, combined with being ADA accessible make this a worthwhile choice.

If you're having trouble understanding the terminology used in this article, you can read our guide here, alternatively, you can keep up to date on the latest news in our blog.