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KOHLER Cimarron Toilet Reviews 2021

If you're interested in my take on this brand as a whole, check out my top 7 kohler toilets page. However, for those of you more interested in the Cimarron collection and how they can improve your bathroom, this article is for you.

There are several different options to choose from, and the main differences will come in the form of bowl shape and height, whether it's one or two piece, and how efficient they are at utilizing the water within the tank. We list out and rate several of these below using our own criteria.

Our ratings

Image Product Flush GPF Bowl Rating? Review
HET 1.28 Elongated 87% Here
HET 1.28 Round front 87% Here
Gravity 1.6 Elongated 86% Here



If you're in the market for tall toilets, then the simple fact is that this model includes what's known as a comfort height bowl which is essentially a couple of inches taller than your average bowl. This paves the way for easier access, especially for senior citizens who may have trouble sitting down and getting up again.

In addition to this, it's a two piece design with an elongated bowl. This isn't really the way forward if you're looking to save space, but for those of you with larger washrooms, elongated are the sensible choice, noted as being the more comfortable of the two.

The flushing technology utilized is AquaPiston which sends water through the bowl three hundred and sixty degrees, covering every angle where bacteria could potentially build up. Perhaps more importantly for some, it uses just 1.28 gallons of water to get rid of waste. So this can certainly be one of the most efficient toilets, as well as meeting EPA guidelines.

To give buyers a rough idea of floor space required, the dimensions are listed as 28.8 by 17.6 by 30.8 inches.

Overall, this is a modern option that's fairly inexpensive with a fair amount of positive feedback under its belt. Just watch out for the monetary add ons such as getting a seat or water supply line.


This unit shares some similarities with the 3609. For example, these are both comfort height and eco friendly. However, there are some differences which we shall be looking into below.

If you want a toilet for smaller bathrooms, the compact nature of this ones round front bowl will help you save space. You can determine whether this is a good match for your space requirements by comparing its dimensions of 41.7 by 35.8 by 32.7 inches with your own.

As mentioned before, this is a economically friendly option using 1.28 gallons through AquaPiston tech. This can help homeowners make savings upwards of fifteen thousands gallons of water per year in comparison with older models. So, money wise, looking for something with lower consumption without sacrificing too much performance is the way forward.

The trip lever to operate said flush is located on the front of its tank to the left. The lever itself has a chrome finish which can work well if you follow the same theme with other fixtures such as faucets and shower heads.


If you're not a fan of a white color, there is plenty of alternatives to choose from when it comes to this model. Almond, black, biscuit, dune, ice gray, and sandbar are all unique options that will enable consumers to tweak things to match their tastes. Not everyone goes with the traditional bright washroom themes either, so it's important to have other options.

Like many other products from this brand, this is right height, giving it a rough two inch height difference from many standard bowls. If you have problems with joints or elsewhere, this will play a part in reducing the pain and pressure, making visits to the bathroom easier on your body.

However, the seat and water supply line doesn't come with it. So this is something you need to think about when budgetting. The K-4636-0 Cachet Quiet Close is a commonly chosen by customers. However, there are several others too such as the K-4694-0 Ridgewood, or K-4734-0 Rutledge. Just be aware that these will usually set you back an extra 50 bucks or so.

Comparison table

K-3609-0 K-3887-0 K-3589-0
Type Two piece Two piece Two piece
Flush HET HET Gravity fed
GPF 1.28 1.28 1.6
Bowl Elongated Round front Elongated
Comfort height
Color White White White
Dimensions 28.8 x 17.6 x 30.8" 41.7 x 35.8 x 32.7" 28.8 x 17.6 x 30.8"
Weight 65.3 lbs 93.5 lbs 87.5 lbs
Rating 87% 87% 86%

Considerations before you buy

Rough in - Learn how to measure your rough in here. This can be a good starting point before you start shopping around as manufacturers nor houses offer a one size fits all. You're going to come across 12", 10", and 14" whilst searching, so it's important to get this right.

Budget - When renovating any part of your household, you should be budgetting and keeping as close to it as possible. Overspending is common and is usually the result of poor planning beforehand. Know the rough costs involved before you reach for your wallet. Generally speaking, anything around the four hundred bucks mark will get you a solid model if you stick with the popular brans in this industry.

Wrapping up

One thing we noticed about Kohler Cimarron toilets, they are well presented, and contain plenty of modern features that take into account user requirements. This range has plenty of unique specifications for consumers to choose from. If you're undecided and sitting on the fence, there are certainly alternatives worth looking into further such as Kathryn, Highline, Devonshire, Wellworth, Memoirs, and Persuade. A reputable brand with affordable price tags is a good sign.